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Lol suck it up if you don’t want to pay that much then wait for it to hopefully drop if not then don’t buy it at all or shut up and just bite the bullet

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Agree or disagree I think this game release is fine if it’s an eye opener for something dark that went down in history from the war crimes, decisions made in the field, obviously the developers and the soldiers involved with the team are trying to shed light on to something and not the stupid message that every article is assuming of “america were the good guys here” hell for years games have been made on the history of war and no one bats and eye to them but here’s one team that wants to sho...

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But hey guys remember before both XBSX and PS5 came out Microsoft fans were saying how pro consumer they were lol Microsoft just finessed they whole community

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Xbox why? I get it you want people on gamepass but damn to charge this much for your original service and to think what could come of gamepass after you get people there isn’t going to turn out well at all

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Yeh I don’t think Xbox wants to say anything now because they know it’ll back lash if elder scrolls, star field, or any other big game is going multi-platform fan boys will get upset and yelling at them but hey I’ve said in the beginning of this not all these big games are going be only on Xbox that’s a insane amount of money loss if you want to cut out Sony or even Nintendo if ports are able to be made but whatever happens happens I just hope these moves Microsoft is making does bring them g...

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Damn that sucks was cool idea but I’m curious on what these so called threats are? are people just threatening if they don’t get the console or controller? Or did Sony step in to say some words but I doubt Sony said anything it would’ve been stated in the article.

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Heard this is going to be an Xbox exclusive..... this is what Xbox is starting out with for exclusive battle lol ew

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Yeh I don’t see exclusives a problem at all I just think journalist and Xbox fans would probably agree with due to Xbox lack of exclusives through this generation but Xbox has been buying studios to change and besides exclusives gives developers more competitive motives to make something complicated new

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Can’t wait for zalker to do Damage control on this lol

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Sega won dreamcast 2 confirmed lol but really Sony PlayStation 5 is actually something new to look forward to from the controller to the ui and actual new games to play and one the ps5 only plays which is demon souls and that’s dope what did Xbox give us.... just game pass with ea access and they got Bethesda same ole ui no new exclusives or any kind of new game to play to flex the console and that’s a bummer for Xbox fans but hopefully that turns around in the next 2-3 years

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Lol someone is upset about Joel’s death still naughty dog did great for part 2 and either way if Joel didn’t die in the second one he would’ve died in the 3rd

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Well you paid 500$ for a system to only play games that’ll be playable on your current console for the next 2-3 years lol I always thought of that like awesome you got a Xbox series x day one what do I play!? The same shit I played yesterday on my Xbox one

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Yeh I agree with this for any new AAA game for Xbox to be in gamepass day isn’t right you’re developers work hard for their games and it’s a slap to the face to see your big project played for only 15$ I feel like eventually Microsoft’s is either going to raise the price of gamepass or have new games added 1-2 after release

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If cyber punk looks better on ps5 Microsoft will really look bad and I think if that were the outcome they’ll try to win Bethesda over to get all games exclusives to them to cover their ass lol

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Wow so much for Microsoft’s marketing the most powerful console ever with this 3 comparisons now and the ps5 has been placed above it so literally Xbox has just made you spend 500$ For subscription service which I still feel like game pass is going to screw their own developers over sure millions of people paying for it a month is great but how does that factor to millions buy the game actually

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If you’re worried about a spoiler why the fuck you click on this story anyways lol

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Don’t see how this is a big deal honestly you can run 4-5 games in the background and swap to them instantly, I don’t mind the wait of just closing out a game when starting a new one when it’s done automatically and only takes what 5 secs

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Yeh PlayStation doesn’t need to buy new studios their strategy of expanding their own to build new ones is smart but it would be cool for them to acquire a big studio but why do that they’ve been doing great without buying anyone other than insomniac a while ago

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I would say PlayStation line up I weak I mean you actually have new games there and look forward to, Xbox just has a subscription service to play games you already own lol yes I’m saying because I prefer Sony over Microsoft but I’m just stating the obvious

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Yeah that’s pretty confusing maybe series x should’ve changed the box art banner to black or something

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