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Man y’all need to relax, shit like this wasn’t going down during the ps3 times, just shut the fuck up and be patient, I get it Xbox is doing big things with game pass and all but for real crying about everything I’m a Sony guy and whenever I see these news of a game being denied or a studio getting down sized I just think hopefully it for the best all we can do is wait and see what Sony has planned, stop crying about every little news that’s shared

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I’m with the ps5 not just because I’m a Sony guy but just seeing what both have offered before release and now after I mean they’re both moving in good directions but Sony is actually providing games on their new system that is what’s biggest for me and Xbox only is offering gamepass which is good but I necessarily don’t need to buy their console to play the games because they’re all supported on the Xbox one as well other than the medium and that’s not worth the purchase to go next gen

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I mean from what you’re saying in your first comment there you can clearly see how it’s viewed that way lol calm down I know there are other good games on gamepass regardless if it’s 1st or 3rd party developer, but when you say supposedly PlayStation fans are saying “gamepass has no games” then you follow it up with “mlb the show was never good” clearly you think it’s a great addition to Xbox soooooo a PLAYSTATION GAME is making you’re service look better lol and it’s just a baseball game not...

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Before y’all jump the gun claiming mlb is 70$ you can easily look up the price it’s 60$ lol do you’re research guys

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good to know mlb the show is the only good game on gamepass, and that’s just one PlayStation game lmao

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It’s not a gotta have thing, tell me what is it that makes this a gotta have thing other than it’s cheap price and hundreds of games? If I want a game I’m perfectly fine buying it, even with Sony charging $70 dollars for their own

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All this generation any multi platform game announced going to gamepass day one the internet of hardcore fan boys of Microsoft will constantly praise the move, me personally have no problem about a mlb game going day one I mean if people want they’ll buy if they don’t have a Xbox gamepass is a amazing service but it’s not a gotta have thing

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I’m pretty curious on who is actually buying the next gen Xbox X/S to really mainly play older games it’s a good move to keep older games around even on the gamepass service but you have hundreds or thousands of games there that probably won’t be played or just clearly over looked by bigger games within, and for the xcloud talk I can’t see many people going around playing games in public like that hell I rarely see someone with a switch out and about

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I heard people were crying about this months line up of games I love this lol man we’ve had worse offers on plus and recently PlayStation hasn’t been disappointing at all

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Idk how I feel about the entire move of this I mean I’m a Sony fan all the way and seeing this article just shows how both sides are working obviously Xbox big win with gamepass and the backwards compatibility maybe they saw more people playing older games on their services as for Sony they probably didn’t see great numbers for older games it’s all business and you never know Sony has said they’re working on something to compete with gamespass so all we can do is wait but for me it’s not a bi...

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I don’t think there’s an age you should stop playing games I mean if you love to do it keep playing

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I don’t think that’ll happen I mean that’s a lot of money lost to making it only for Xbox

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I mean the series s is only really there to make you get game pass

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Xbox is being very complicated honestly I mean before these consoles I think they came out saying they don’t care about the console sales.... but they release a cheap model of it lol idk I agree it was pointless making this series s, should’ve just made a digital one just like Sony with the same specs

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I don’t think Xbox was thinking of what could be easier for developers on the cheaper system only hey this will get more of our product off the shelves

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Honestly no, I don’t know how many games have been offered on PlayStation plus service and I never check out it just because a game is free doesn’t mean everyone is going to play it lol so you telling me you’ve played every free to play game out there just to “see” if it’s good lol

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I’m not criticizing it lol I’m just really curious on how it effects game sales multi platform games or not, but it’s ok if you got butt hurt over my curiosity of gamepass’s success in numbers compared to actual games purchased when it comes down to Xbox exclusives really but nice try trying to start a petty argument friend lol

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This is a big win for Microsoft but some people running with this like outriders is as big as cyberpunk’s anticipation lol

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Microsoft is make the right moves not going to deny that but I’m really curious on how gamepass effects game sales especially if a Xbox exclusive goes day one on game pass I wonder how they work out the earnings with gamepass and gold or with how much the game is actually played or just downloaded! But gamepass is an amazing deal can’t wait to pick one up for the next halo but for now ps5 all day

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Thanks for you’re input but if that’s a make or break for a game that’s getting a packaged deal here then don’t buy it all because enemy placement is changed or the enemies are weaker shouldn’t ruin the game honestly

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