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Ellie is played on only like one of the many levels in the game. Its a dual protagonist story, meaning Joel and Ellie are both main characters. Have you not played it?

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The secret sauce tastes great

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@Opie Garbage? Don't hate man. Its the highest rated next gen exclusive.

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Need hits? Review a perfect game (received over 42 perfect scores) that came out 5 months ago and give it an average score. Gaming media is making me lose the will to live.

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Metal Gear isn't Metal Gear without David Hayter, that's all I'm saying. Hideo has taken some disappointing turns lately.

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Everyone thought the E3 trailer was pre rendered. A bunch of journalists/ websites reported it as pre rendered during the reveal.

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Sales shouldn't factor in to whether a game deserves GOTY or not. That's like saying CoD deserves GOTY for like the past 5 years. And TLOU sold 3 million in the first week or two, by now its likely past 5mil.

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The man sold his house in the past for Joe Danger, that's some serious dedication! I'll definitely be supporting these guys and will buy it on PS4

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I'm glad PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One players are excited for this game. Real shame its not coming to PS4, but I buy whatever console has Naughty Dog, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Santa Monica, Evolution, Polyphony, and Guerrilla to name a few, so its not too bad in the end.

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Seriously they were like a bunch of 6 year olds

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How dare developers take the time necessary to properly deliver the vision they have for their game. Mate, look at BF4. that's what happens when games get rushed.

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Good thing there's no xbox AAA titles coming out at the same time, or else they would've rated GT like a 5/10. That's usually when they give low scores.
Back in June-
The Last of Us: 7.5 (GOTY Worthy)
State of Decay: 8.5

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Then don't buy the season pass, or the DLC for that matter. I wish all DLC was free, but that's just unrealistic. Video games are extremely expensive to make, and lets face it, $20 for a seasons pass is a lot better than what we've seen with other games, $15 for a single add on that consists of a couple recycled maps, not calling out any names.

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I got my PS4 on launch day and I haven't had any of these issues. The media makes it seem like every console is a guaranteed fail when in fact I or any of my other friends for that matter haven't come across any problems aside from an occasional network problem, which is to be expected. Nonetheless, I hope any one with an issue gets taken care of.

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And next gen doesn't define a good game. What he's saying is that when we think next gen, we think better graphics, richer worlds, etc. A game being ran in full HD natively helps achieve that. Its much more sharp.

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So because Sony wants to help indie devs through the difficulty of getting their game on a console, they are deceitful corporate machines?

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I'm still not convinced KZSF is only "good" and not great. Guerrilla has addressed pretty much every problem with it (aim lag, color palette, etc) yet reviewers still find something to pick at despite many saying its the best KZ yet. Maybe people were expecting to much, but its important to remember that its a launch game. I think it will really deliver.

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Exactly. I remember one reviewer saying TLOU deserved an 8/10 since you couldn't shoot the doctor in the foot at the end, lol WTF.

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This hurt a certain group of people's feelings. Believe it or not, there's already some 1 star false reviews for Shadow Fall. Guess xbots are really intimidated by that game.

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PlayStation is the reason why Xbox exists.
MS saw how successful the Playstation brand was with PS2, thus making the first xbox

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