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HAS. not have

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Imagine if fox news had this story instead of abc.... I'm not worried about my cc #. I changed my email password and that's it. I'll keep an eye on my cc purchases and that's that. No real harm done. Hate away if you must

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I think its Nancy pelosi's fault. She's stupid. If we had fewer of her ilk and more Ron burgundy life would be grand

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Secret of Mana used cannons. Awesome game!

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I'm getting this and I most likely won't get the map pack. I never got it in the past and still enjoyed the games. Cod4 is still the best call of duty BTW

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What about the dad in earthbound

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Wow there is a lot of drivel on this comment board. I would be willing to guess that the average salary/IQ of a Fox News viewer is higher than MSNBC or CNN. MSNBC is catering to working class people who want to stick it to the rich man (anyone remember "Obama gonna pay my gas bill, my car bill!" if not youtube it). Fox News is more likely to have viewers who own their own business or are working professionals.

I'm sure I'll be downvoted or hated on for this, but it ...

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Liberals are open minded until you disagree with them. I am willing to be that most of these flaming libs pay no federal income tax and that they may change their tune when they get a real job. Unless they get their utopia and we all have gov't jobs...

BTW funny thing is I can see how this article makes sense... Have you seen some of the people patrolling Gamestop? There's some real nasty people that game.

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