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I can't emulate Super Mario 64 in 720p on an iPhone.

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Just shows that they put no effort into their article at all.
But you're probably 13 so I don't know why I'm even responding.

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Are you kidding me.
"#12 System Shock 2 In CryEngine 3"
Then the video in that slide is titled
"System Shock 2 remake in the Source engine"

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But they're really not the same. You can't get mods on consoles. Mods make up a huge part of the game.

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Popcap was bought out by EA. So I couldn't care less.
Plants Vs Zombies 1 was pretty awesome though.

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It just means the devs didn't pay IGN enough to give it a 9.

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It looks better.
Better than most modern-day console games at least.

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A long poem, typically derived from oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures.
Of, relating to, or characteristic of an epic or epics.
So how is this epic? It really bothers me when people misuse this word. Happens ALL THE TIME.
Anyways, this does seem pretty cool. I might get it.
EDIT: People disagreeing with facts.
I love you so much N4G users~~~~<3

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"4 speakers in ear are better than 1."
You don't know much about sound or headphones do you?
Do you even know what a driver is?
"Gaming" headsets are a huge scam meant for ignorant people. StayStatic you made a pretty good choice by buying the PC360's.

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Did anyone really expect anything more?

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I'm guessing that's stuff they added in Modern Warfare 3 which I didn't really play. I put about 10 minutes into it during the free weekend on Steam.

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Because the game encourages camping with killstreaks.

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What an awful list...

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Gaming headsets
What a joke.
Take some crappy drivers, slap em into a neat looking frame, put a mic on and sell it for way more than it's worth.

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The only game on here I even care about is Dishonored.

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Do people seriously care about metascores?
Don't you realize how easy it is to pay off a critic?

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Wait... People actually enjoyed being constantly spawnkilled for an entire match?

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I'm not saying Nintendo should do it, and I really doubt they will. Though, if they really wanted to do it they could get away with it.

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Works for Microsoft for some stupid reason, why wouldn't it work for Nintendo?

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