It was as though the earth had opened and the skies split.


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I've never been interested in VR so far.

But that... is actually so friggin' awesome.

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Rightfully so my friend, rightfully so.

So far The Order has the best visuals in any next-gen game, and on any platform including PC. It genuinely looks like a very long cutscene till the end of game. That's some superb artistic creation right there.

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Yeah. That just looks unimpressive, to say the least.

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How could they possibly meey the expectations after all these years and the unsizable amount of internet hype? They probably know it too well themselves, and try to delay the disappointment as long as they can, or slowly turn the franchise into a vaporware in time. I really do hate to say this, as HL2 is in one of my top 5 games, but the logic here is so obvious that the third game will probably NEVER happen.

That's the better option for Valve's prestige- and we alrea...

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How long will each installment be is the real question that should be answered here. If every sub title of the game will be 40 hours or so, no one would complain lengthwise. Yet it would probably take some serious years to complete the full experience, so that's not people exactly wanted either. Square better act fast on this one and be as descriptive as they can about the matter at hand, because it's steadily turning into some PR nightmare, or they're just intentionally being amb...

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Alan will be back, and I can't wait for it. One of my favorite games of the last generation.

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Man, that's some attitude. Kudos to the developers for the generous offer, I'll try it as soon as I can.

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Thank you for your passion and your hard work, you've been doing great so far. I wonder if you'll be providing us with a demo that involves playable Snake, your first-person demo is great and I'd really love to roam around with the Snake model, if that's possible by your end.

Keep up the good work, MGS fans are always the best.

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Needless to say, there are spoilers regarding the opening sequence of the game.

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And I don't need to convince you I'm not a troll, so think as you wish. I asked simple questions, you didn't like them as you loved the product, went full protective and agressive, and you still are. That's called fanboyism, my friend, therefore I deem you a fanboy. See, I'm a troll, you're a fanboy. Calling names isn't that difficult, that I can agree.

I already knew the info you and other people gave. Refer to my post abov...

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Okay, I'm sorry if my comment was a little ambiguous. Let me elaborate.


I know that we know the FOV. What I mean is that I cannot be sure if 100 degrees for the FOV is enough, as Carmack himself stated that 100-110 degrees for the initial Oculus prototypes were not quite enough and were not what he envisioned for the VR, due to the fact that the human eye's FOV is in reality 180 degrees and anything below that creates ...

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Upped the game theoretically. How it'll turn out to be in practice is yet to be seen, as there are so many questions raised after the Robinson presentation, mainly:

- How will the headset be implemented to the system, will there be a hardware revision?

- How on earth will a 7870 be able to handle those graphics at 60 fps (to prevent motion sickness) in DOUBLE frames? In order to create the desired VR effect the image has to be rendered not only once but t...

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Holy sh*t, break assist is great news for me, as I love the game's visuals, yet I'm not skillful enough to play a sim game. I'm all in for an optional noob mode, looking forward to it.

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Just when I thought it couldn't possibly get any better.

Witcher 3 is the game of the year by a long shot. Thank you CD Projekt for being so awesome.

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720p is two generations history for PC gamers, and one generation history for PS owners. No matter how you try to downplay it, it's a huge deal.

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Dat moment when it cuts directly from CGI to real in-game graphics, though...

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Well, I'd say the author was being kind of nice with that title, because if it was me I'd rather use the term "cr*ptastical 720p" because that's just what it is.

I mean, be honest to yourselves, people. It's 2015 and 720p is definitely NOT okay. Today even the cheapest smartphones available in the martket has a screen resolution above that.

I know I'll get a million disagrees for saying this, but onc...

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Well they're experimenting with this allright, but it looks great. I'd rather play a pre-historic era game, hunt mammoths and rival tribes rather than fighting the same old modern day enemies in a copy-paste military shooter any day.

Honestly this feels like a breath of fresh air, and I like it. I mean think about the co-op possibilities, I want to experience what it feels to be in our ancestors' shoes, hunting with your tribesmen, setting traps, fighting for the ...

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Pre-historic era huh?

Ubi, you devil. Count me in this time around.

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Well it's been four games if we include Golden Abyss, and the title is still kicking major *ss, so I doubt anyone would say no for another game once you know how to keep it solid (looking at you, Assassin's Creed).

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