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Uh yeah, they have an effect on a small number of people who were going to be stupid anyway sooner or later. Books are even more powerful in that regard (the imagination factor).

Anyway. "what we can do with computer graphics is terrifying"... is he mad? Terrifying lol

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Well, I'll be voting with my wallet by not paying for XBL (already paid for my bandwidth, tyvm) hence not buying any MS console hence not buying the game.

Also, EA are involved anyway, so meh.

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They have no decent games to play and keep getting ripped off. So they are very bitter people.

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You download it, it's about 270MB. I think it would run very smooth on high-end phones.

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Aha, finally a decent take on mobile games where they only sacrificed what they had to and didn't just make something they knew was boring from the off.

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Er, your money makes a difference. Don't buy their shit and you don't lose out at all.

The public have massive control over companies, but very little over their own government (capitalism, spend $10 one place rather than elsewhere and it makes more of a difference than your 'democratic' vote - that doesn't work when the comapany was allowed to have a monopoly by the corrupt government/politicians though, because you have no choice but to put money their w...

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Says every tester of every bad game. It's well known they don't give a shit if they launch something bad, money is the incentive - if releasing a bad game = money, bad games will be released. One big time it failed was APB though, they thought the hype would magically make them win so didn't bother listening to their QA testers (you know, about the game physically not working etc.)

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Actually, knowing MS it probably is worth investing in. They've probably gained patents whereby the way they are worded means whatever is done in the future that is remotely similar will net them royalties.

The whole thing is probably all just about securing patents because it looks pretty impractical as it stands now (not a valid consumer product, just a projector and a 2nd viewport in the game outputting to it), the technology business is sometimes more about securing p...

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Hmm... But people could have also chosen to just not buy things on Steam if not being able to sell games on is a bother. Most of the games I buy on Steam cost less than they would've for a 2nd hand physical copy anyway.

As long as they pass the reduction in distribution costs to the consumer then it's better for gamers and developers (devs get cash that is otherwise lost when a game is sold 2nd hand and also that cashflow means they can keep making games, that aren...

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Sony didn't really do anything wrong. A few 3rd party devs moved some attention over to the Microsoft camp which Sony bounced back from with great titles later on.

If MS still charge for multiplayer next gen, Sony should earn a better start.

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Hardware faults is the only one on the list that isn't guaranteed to happen.

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Meh on the article. It's more about what games they can conjure.
I kind of think Sony and MS will have to change their tactics totally after the next generation, irregardless. (they've already branched into other markets as is sensible too)

(2022?) Average consumer computing hardware (as in, phones, tablets, smart TVs, laptops) will be so powerful that they can easily overcome any creative limitations due to performance. Sure, MS/Sony could release dedicated b...

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Unless it's something special, no.

But just play Planetside 2 instead.

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Staleness depends on the games... So, they are making it... fresher?

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I would love to buy it on PC day 1, but it makes sense for them to delay it on PC.
They know a lot of PC gamers own at least a PS3/360 as well and will want it on PC too (even if they wait for a Steam sale etc.). So they can get another load of sales that way, more money = it will be done (also, even if the PC version is sold digitally for $25 that is more profit for Take2/Rockstar than a boxed sale).

I can sympathize with the likeliness of piracy too - they will be s...

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I'm pretty sure GTA5 ticks all the boxes ;)

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Performance/tech wise, sort of but it's the way they do business. Other than that, they make sure it suits them - they did motion control "right" for the Wii, though motion control wasn't new. This time they are the second to put a screen on the controller (Dreamcast) but I suspect they will pull it off better (probably due to their brand rather than the merits of their product, though they do keep releasing good games too).

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No. It depends on the games. And, I hope, whether MS charge for XBL multiplayer anymore - but it seems people are willing to pay for it so they don't have much of an incentive not to. I'd like to see people opting for the Sony camp for that reason, but there will surely be some killer titles people will want to play online on the next xbox.

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Job cuts doesn't really make sense for them, I think they make pretty much the highest profit per employee of any widely known company, they don't have a big workforce.

Wii-U production costs will drop enough for them to be making a profit well before the generation is over.

They aren't really running out of money, if they can ride out the losses till big titles start selling it should work out fine, but they'll probably be worse off than they...

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