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Lol thank you... why it probably isn't doing well aside from lack of compatibility. Handhelds do not need a TV lol.

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God I hope not

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Anything for more software on the Vita

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Lol no it does not. I can get PlayStation Now on my Vita as is and do not need a PS4 for it. The PS3 selection cross play is a joke as I own both and have looked into it. I can already play PS1 games on my Vita as well as PSP games. So once again, why should I buy a Vita and a PS4?


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Lol you need a game don't you?

60 +
$660 WITHOUT TAX (1.06) = 699.6

This is without PS Plus which is required to play online on your PS4 and a Vita memory card

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Lol it's a good game? Debatable......

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How does it enhance the value of the Vita hardware if you are limiting its use as a second controller? How does it increase the value of the Vita if it costs over $700 to get remote play up and running? How does limiting the software of the Vita with a focus on remote play increase the value of Vita hardware? What are you actually doing when you buy a Vita.

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Thank you for an intelligent comment that is actually true about foreign policy between Japan and China.

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Not very much to be honest. Already own Borderlands 2 so why by a port on an inferior system? Same thing to the God of War and The Walking Dead. Minecraft, Final Fantasy X and .... wait that's it; those are about the only things that are interesting to me. I'd like to play a Murasaki Baby demo only because the showing at Gamescom annoyed me with all of the sounds and wimpering.

OT: Sony what the f*ck are you doing? The writing is becoming bolder and bolder that all t...

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I have already played through all those games.... been waiting for a while for some quality software to be announced.

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Lol brilliant..... nothing for the Vita. Probably indicative of the year to come, but I can download DMC for the PS3.

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What language are you speaking? Learn to write in complete sentences so people actually take what you are saying seriously.

I agree with you though. The Vita does need marketing because I don't think I've seen one commercial in the United States since its launch. However, I see PS Vita advertised all the time on signs in Europe. Just another example of SCEA's incompetency compared to SCEE. Lastly, the Vita just needs one big game! One game that will move several ...

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Will this look any better with the OLED screen? Seems like Vita colors are just off but usually when I record gameplay on my Vita the colors always appear to be grayer.

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You're an idiot and i'm sorry you had the opportunity to respond. Which port has more features on the Vita? Name them for me because I can think of several ports that do not run well or have as many features on the Vita. I can name all the HD Collections, Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault, FIFA, Call of Duty, Batman, and the list goes on. Among these games the touchpad was used in a constructive manner with controls? RETHINK YOU STATEMENT.

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Porting a game onto a handheld that will have worse graphics, likely removed features, and not as much content was never a good idea. Especially when Sony is offering for free as part of PS Plus: I already got it for free and I'm not paying $40.

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Totally agree with you. Why aren't they making a game for the Vita? Surely they have the resources to make a DLC and a handheld game. Another instance of SCEA's incompetence with handhelds.

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I could not disagree more with you.

"i think there are few keys to Vita doing well and biggest might be the PS4"

Really? Why don't you go look at VG Chart numbers and show me where you're getting this! Tell me the incentive for a PS4 owner to spend another $200 FOR ANOTHER PIECE OF HARDWARE just so they can play the game outside of their living room when they can already play mobile games anywhere they want on their iPhone or tablet for just...

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Lol thank you! Someone who actually took a logical approach! VG Chartz numbers indicate that there is actually little to no increase in demand for the Vita because of the PlayStation 4. I know VG Chartz is not good at getting exact numbers, but I think it is useful for finding trends in sales.

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Lol that's still not a lot. All but one of those is a port! I have Borderlands 2 free on my PS3 right now, I have already played several GoW games and don't intend on spending $40 when I can get a better version for less. Gravity Rush 2 and Ratchet and Clank are probably the only games on that list worth buying JUST for the Vita. We also have Toukiden releasing in February but for all of the games you listed...... we have no release date. 2014 is not looking good for the Vita: we need...

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