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Absolutely nothing.....

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That's what it's looking like

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One Vita game.... oh joy.

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Maybe now we'll get some new content announced at E3 if any?

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I have to disagree. The Vita is dead. Need I remind you of E3 last year and Gamescom? Biggest let down of my gaming life, it was utter crap for the Vita. Sony is not supporting the Vita. Name a first party game that is coming to the Vita that is not being made by SCEJ........oh wait.... you can't. That's the reality of the situation. The only first party support we were supposed to get that came out of Gamescom, was some shovelware where we could manage music festivals. Have you heard...

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Totally agree with you. Once you have PS Now there is no reason to buy anymore PlayStation devices.

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That's great news! Maybe you could reinvest some of that into the Vita? You know that handheld you sell.

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Might buy it if the price is low enough. Make it $25 and provide physical copies and you've got me, otherwise i'll probably just wait.

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A pretty interesting read. I wonder if this type of view or display of the Vita's power will have any impact going into the future since we mostly get indie games. I don't think it will bring an AAA games either but it does make me wonder about the possibilities. What I would give to have a game like Dark Souls, Bioshock, or InFamous on the Vita.

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Most of the games that you listed are not AAA and certainly did not require big budgets nor did they have an advertising campaigns. This is what defines a AAA game. Anyway, my point still stands.

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Early in its life span? The Vita came out 2.5 years ago and is probably close to half of its life already(assuming its seven years). I think you should probably try to rationalize their statement more because they have a valid statement and criticism about the Vita: where are the big games? Simple, it's not economic for Sony to make a large Vita game so once again the question comes up will there be another AAA game for the Vita?

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So we're going to solve a lack of hardware sales with a hardware revision? I think anyone who owns a Vita will tell you software is the problem. SOFTWARE is why you buy hardware.

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"Not that sales matter of course, there's much more on Vita for me than on PS4 and 3DS and both of those systems are outselling it by a large amount."

You're an idiot. Sony and Playstation are a business and you would do well not to forget that. Sales are the only thing that matter to them at the end of the day. Your own satisfaction does not mean anything since you don't have shareholders do you?

"*Goes back to playing Soul Sacrifi...

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I'm a vita owner and I couldn't care less about 99% of indies. Give me Terraria and Minecraft and the rest just don't matter to me. Go enjoy your 2D arcade style games with poor controls and pixely graphics.

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Why didn't Vita sales spike? The bundle supposedly sold really well.

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Not looking forward to any of these games but maybe some of you are.

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First, I totally agree with you and have been preaching this on this site for a long time. Hence, why I only have two bubbles (Sony fanboys don't like the truth). Anyway, I think there's no denying that Sony pretty much botched the Vita almost entirely on their own so it only has 8 million owners.

With that in mind is it economic for them to take on the risks mentioned above? You have to have the mindset of a company. Why spend tens of millions of dollars if you'...

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Hopefully E3 won't be a repeat of last year for the Vita. Let alone Gamescom.... HUGE disaster for us Vita owners.

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Oh shit, this could be big.

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Time to start subsidizing people to make games for your handheld.

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