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This Gen is ending just like last Gen.
PLAYSTATION dropping masterpieces.
Xbox dropping nothing!!
When will people learn?

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This is insane!!!! I own a PS4 but wow 😲

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Just now?????????

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so much for never releasing a standalone copy LOL !

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no Soul Reaver????? shame ! shame ! Shame ! Shame !

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Syphon Filter, Soul Reaver, Dino Crisis

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No Syphon Filter?? No Soul Reaver ??? terrible just terrible!!

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2-3 years We will be into the next gen!!!!

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I have a PRO but it will be 4K on the new Xbox it has to be! There is no way they could intentionally gimp your version like that. I can't stand Xbox but even they don't deserve BS like that!

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I love my PS4 Pro but how does this make any sense??? I swear these games are turning into politicians !

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really wish I could be there :(

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@BG are you really comparing a game to a main feature of a console???? The cloud was one of their biggest selling points and was suppose to change the industry! Yet the PS4 has done exactly what it was meant to do !

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I truly for the life of me can not believe that people are still waiting on "da cloudz" 😂😂

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(Septic) "serve crow" ??? What??? Four years after launch??????? Sweet lord help us!

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Exactly!! Long proven record of bringing it as far as games period!!

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Hasn't this always been the case??? PlayStation does not mess around in the exclusives department!!

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the D-pad is killer for me. If i pay that much for a controller I want to use it while i'm playing every game i own. Tekken is just around the corner as well :(

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agreed! everyone knows a glitch or exploit when they're doing it.

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Makes me glad I haven't gotten the Wii U. Might just wait for the switch to jump back into the Nintendo world.

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I don't mind it , I think it looks pretty sweet!! Gotta get a hand on one to see how they feel. Hope they put some displays up or something!!!

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