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Yah butz IW really have nothing to do with this COD, as they are at Respawn mostly...

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Welcome to the world of hipster gamers.

I had a great time on MW2, but since the abysmal failure that was Blackops :/ I have opted to get my FPS kicks from DICE this year.
After all I will be eternally grateful to them for giving me Mirrors Edge.

If MW3 turns out good I will buy and play it, after all it was fun (on MW2) just to show teh kidz how you play an FPS and I always had fun showing off to my friends how I could own like 85% of the COD populat...

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LOL yeah, IMO there are better games coming from EA.
But they don't half talk about the competition...

I think BF3 will be better than cod, I love every game DICE has been involved in, and to be fair DICE don't seem all that interested in bashing Activision or COD, It's mostly EA I think.

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LOL I gotta see this! loving the new futurama.!

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Haven't played the demo but, if there ever was a questionable time to release a generic fps.....

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Something had been missing from my life, and it was this....

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well, nothing is actually any colour anyway, colour is an illusion created in the human brain, what we perceive as colour is merely the light that is not absorbed by certain molecules.
Different molecules reflect certain parts of the visible spectrum, the specific part determines the colour we perceive.

Reality is weird.

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very stealthy indeed, well played.

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Go and troll somewhere else, your comment history is disgusting.....

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or maybe I should judge it upon trailers and fuzzy videos, making my mind up about it without acually playing it......

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I have only seen videos, but I thought it looked great.
seems I will need to see for myself just how well this game has been executed

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@ above

Lol it's only subtenko that does this I think,
People are gradually beginning to accept it....

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US collage and UK Uni are the biggest scams in existence.

Promising jobs that aren't there and over educating students to the point where they are just a mess of facts and useless in real business environments.

I sell books for a small business and have plenty of ideas to make money, I worked here straight after collage (free in the UK like junior collage in US). I get lots of chaps that come straight out of Uni with a degree and a stunning CV and they as...

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"'With nobody in the entire comments upset, you just sound like a moron!'

The guy wasn't talking about the comments section..if you actually read the article you would have read that there is a petion on the site to boycott the game with people already voicing their frustration. "

when you say People in this way it's plural.
you meant the people on the site where it is only one that I can see. If you ha...

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People voicing their frustration?
LOL you obviously haven't even looked at the thread, The OP is just an overreacting fag, I have yet to find one other serious poster that agrees with him, Practically everybody is telling him to stop being such a baby.

so now you look like a moron....

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The goty edition will be a smarter purchase. but waiting for it is a battle I can not win.

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Ha! he made a valid comment, an engine doesn't have to have anything to do with hardware, it's software and can be made to run on various platforms, his point is valid since all we have seen is a screenshot! no one know the details yet.

He just stated his point of view but what confuses me is that you saw this as your cue to insert pre thought out argument in a completely pointless circumstance.

grow up kid, I have quite ...

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I didn't play this game much but I remember when you would awaken rock lee he would be able to own anything since you could always appear behind the opponent with a simple button press.

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I can't quite remember but resistance 1 had 3 small sections in the health bar, these sections would regenerate themselves but if you lost one it was gone. (not quite sure if this was resistance or something else please correct me if I'm wrong)

I think this is a superb way of doing health.
Similar to assassins creed which is good.

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why man? I just don't get it.

Do you sit there on your own all day without anyone to tell how awesome your pc is to?

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