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Isn't your pic Bullet Proof from cops?

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What's up B.P.?

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If you played the game at all, you know about these.

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I'm surprised people are still playing Destiny. I had such high hopes for that game, but felt really let down and bored after ranking up 2 characters. Hopefully the new DLC adds way more to the game.

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I think they used the age old " it wasn't ready for launch" excuse. It was sure ready for that first paid DLC though.

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At the same time though, if you buy a Chevy, and than go and decide to deliver pizza. Should you have to pay Chevy for use of their vehicle that you already payed for, every time you get a tip? You bought the game, if you can make money from people watching you play it, than I don't think you should have to give them a cut. If not greed, what is their motivation behind this?

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And when "you're" wrong "you're" wrong.

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Maybe, but since you got so defensive, we know you are for sure. He was obviously just making a joke, settle down guy.

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I agree, it shouldn't take this many patches for a matchmaking fix. I haven't even played it lately because it's such a pain the ass to play with friends.

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I think lots of people care, and it's annoying when this crap is constantly happening.

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Yes!!! This and mutant league hockey were fun. Now we just need Blaster Master, and a Skate 4.

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I know what you mean. I can't tell if It's the game, or that I'm just getting older, and kind of losing interest in Halo. I barely played any Halo 4 mp, maybe around 100 games. I remember having a few thousand games of Halo 3 under my belt. Just doesn't feel like Halo anymore.

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I noticed in CTF I had 2 flag caps and probably went 7-10 or something like that. I think I was 4th on the leaderboard at the end? How in CTF doesn't the person with the most caps top off the leaderboard? They put too much emphasis on KD, even when it's not your main focus in a certain game type.

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Payday 2 is fun as hell man. So satisfying when you get a good crew together.

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76erz is in complete denial, or its deej from 343.

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Dude, just stop. We all love Halo, but they released a broken game. Go to the 343 forums, and tell me the majority aren't having problems? When it works, it's a great experience, but sadly that's not the case most of the time. If you want me to make a list of the problems I've had, and the few friends I have that own the game, I will. Just don't act like everyone is being ridiculous about this game. How many patches have we had now, and still there are problems?

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No to mention Anon news was asked about this attack, and they said they don't care about Lizard Squad. I like how any bs article gets approved on here.

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Yep, they don't care about lizard squad.

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Why even bother posting Streetfighter 5? It's for PC as well, but it's also got an estimated launch of time of 2017-2018 lol. You are really going to bring up a game 2-3 years before its out? I can't wait for Halo 6 then lol.

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