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I'm not saying I agree with Alex, but your comment exemplifies being a fanboy.

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@2v1 you really think they're making a 'little' money? You think anyone on that team is starving? This is pure greed, and it will continue to happen as long as consumers like you support it.

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@nX in other words 30fps.

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I don't game on any Nintendo console, but I do think manufacturers should have faster release cycles with backward compatibility. If they do come out with a console in 2017, maybe Microsoft and Sony will follow not long after.

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You just answered your own question.

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The fact that people are still playing this game is amazing to me.

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Probably encountering griefers for the first time in Diablo II many years ago. I definitely got over online trolls early on.

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Sunset Overdrive wasn't bad, but buying it twice makes zero sense.

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Just looking at your downvotes, shows how pathetic many of the users are here.

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More money grabs.

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I love how 60fps is irrelevant until you actually get it. Then people can't stop talking about it.

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That's about as logical as saying Aliens Colonial Marines is for Alien fans.

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Imagine the stagnation in technology if everyone thought like you.

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Owner of all 3 systems mentioned. The only PS4 game I bought this year was Bloodborne and I don't see anything else by the holidays. With that said, I haven't bought a single Xbox One game this year. I think Halo 5 is the only notable exclusive this year.

In other words my consoles have collected dust this year.

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The worst thing about it is that people use him as a template on how to be a youtuber, so literally when you look at the top 10-20 or so vloggers they're all super annoying.

We need more people like VaatiVidya or Marques Brownlee. People who don't seem like they're high on amphetamines.

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It's so ridiculous how you're downvoted by speaking the truth. The PS fanboyism here amazes me.

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Why is that nice?

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Fanboy much? Just because something is a 'masterpiece' doesn't mean it deserves a sequel. Sequels are made because it takes less work to make big $$$. You're naive if you think otherwise.

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this should be a free update for pc owners. It could have looked this way from the beginning.

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Nuka Cola is a play off Coca Cola. There's no way they would allow it, unless they produce it themselves. Also 99.9% of the population has no idea what Nuka Cola is.

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