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Looks like the most generic shooter ever. No soul. Visually impressive though. This looks like the infamous Killzone 2 target render trailer from 2005.

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Straley left after co-directing Uncharted 4.

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The most immersive moment in gaming history is a cutscene? What the hell are you talking about?

Making cutscenes "should be taught in game design courses for years to come" ???

No! The interactive language should be tought!

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Worst article of the year.

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Nope. Hide and seek survival horror is out of date... You really want to hide in lockers again?

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I've played Cyberpunk on PS5 this year and it was one of the greatest interactive experiences i ever had. I think it's one of the greatest games ever made. Perhaps the best story-telling in a first person game ever. Ok maybe not as incredible as What remains of Edith Finch, but everything is interactive, it's brilliantly told, and it's so immersive, it feels almost like a VR experience.

Great city, great story, great characters and fun gameplay + beautiful ...

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One of the great examples of poor game design.

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You guys have to learn the difference between story and story-telling. The difference between story and plot. And you have to learn what the language of video games is. A video game story should be told through game mechanics. That is the highest achievement. It should be about interactivity, not cutscenes and reading text! Players should be engaged through interactivity all the time. Go play Half Life 2 and learn what video game story-telling really is! Or Inside, or What Remains of Edith Fi...

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It's still just the official fan club site and not a news source. They clearly got their news from other news sites or Warner Bros. press releases.

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They just deliver the latest news they found in the internet! It's not an official news source!
They don't have any insider news! It's just a partnership with Warner Bros. because it's the official fan club.

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Yes. It's NOT officially reconfirmed for 2022. I don't even know why everybody is disliking my first post.

And It's NOT the official Harry Potter site. Wizardingworld is just the official Harry Potter FAN CLUB.

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Nothing is confirmed! It's just a fan site!

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The DICE Awards are by far the most meaningful awards.

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He said in an recent interview that he doesn't play videogames at all.

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It's not higher art if you use cutscenes to tell your story. Games can be higher art if they tell their stories or ewoke emotions through game mechanics / interactivity. That is the language of video games. Control isn't more effective in that regard than Super Metroid.

An example for higher art in this medium is Journey.

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I like the game! I have nothing against the game! I didn't beat it but i love the mechanics and the game design overall. It's just about the term "mega hit"! Look at the charts! Where is Returnal? Show me Returnal in the charts of the last weeks! Thats a mega hit? Don't be delusional!

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This game hasn't sold well. It's just marketing here.

And no, i like this game a lot, but it's not a mega hit! Fortnite is a mega hit. Animal Crossing is a mega hit, but Returnal was out of the charts quickly. It's far away from the numbers of Spider Man, GoW or TLoU2.

It's not about how great the game is. Hits are hits because of sales and Returnal is definitely NOT a "mega" hit.

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Is this supposed to be a journalistic article? LMAO

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Best looking is not best graphics. Every game with great art design can look better than a game with the best photorealistic graphics.

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Not really. Every little gaming website of the world had the news about the Golden Joysticks Awards and that you should vote, even here in Germany. Every gamer LOVES it to vote!

Its a fact that millions of gamers around the world have voted for the Golden Joysticks Awards. MILLIONS.

That was already the gamers voice. Without any scandal, without any TLoU2- Fans or Haters manipulating anything.

The result is what it is.

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