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I wonder what the price would be minus the Kinect and he Xbox controller.
maybe let customers save some money that way.

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It says my Intel graphics card isn't up to par. Who knew Intel made AMD HD 7950`s. 2600k at 4.5 Ghz is too weak too. LOL

Might be something wrong with that checker program.

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@Vasto where in that link (Top 25 Companies by Game Revenues) does is exclude windows gaming revenue.

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@STARS I think the word you are looking for is crybully.

1296d ago 8 agree0 disagreeView comment - do I like this website IMHO NO!

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@teflontactics you have written a very good article and really hope these ideas get implemented. But it's not outrageous or demanding to want a lower price on the memory cards.
IMHO Part of why the PS4 is succeeding is because the performance it delivers at the price it is delivered at.
Now look at the purchase cost of the PlayStation TV (or vita) vs the cost of memory cards. It's a bit lopsided in price structured. look at the cost of games vs the cost of memory car...

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Lots of great ideas, but don't forget the awful premium price of memory cards.

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@bruce755 I agree with your point but there were programs to upgrade your DVD's to Blueray disk either for free or reduced cost. while they didn't have to do that. it was nice that they did. I also seem to recall metro redux being offered at reduced cost to purchasers of the old versions (on steam). again a nice gesture.

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@SmeargleFlint no problem just settle down.

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@Mikefizzled well said.

@SmeargleFlint Nice putting words in his mouth. I think you have issues, seeing demons where someone merely stated an opinion.

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Comes up "This video is private" for me. Anyone have any luck.

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@assdan bubble up for you.

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@N4G3RZ lucky the GeForce experience gives users the option to submit user feedback. I myself have already given them much explicit feedback and guidance as to what they can go and do.

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@DarkOcelet sorry too lazy to look it up but, that test is at medium settings. wasn't a good part of this mess about the performance at high settings at 4k not 1080p.

I have no doubt NVidia improved some with new drivers. But its apples to oranges at different settings. worse because there wasn&...

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I'm loving The Nathan Drake Collection. My favorite glitch in Drake's fortune is even still in the re-mastered collection.

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"saw the introduction of the Uncharted series with Uncharted: Among Thieves in 2007".
I think the time line in the article is a little off. Lol

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Watch out on pushsquare. my anti virus just lit-up and a scan showed it as trying to use a ActiveX exploit.

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I love the re-release on PS4. But how come the cutscenes
from the PS3 look so bad.
Just checked out the train scene on PS3, I had to run at 480p to make it look as bad as the video. What is up with that.
I expect the PS4 version will look great but at least use a fair comparison to PS3 cut scenes.

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I tried the hack but all it seemed to do for me was make my game cards unplayable, error code displayed. I didn't try any downloadable games. I had to restore the PSTV.
Anyone else have any luck.

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good review. could you add anything on the feel and action of the thumb sticks?

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