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No one mentioned Act IV of MGS4.

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Im pretty sure everybody knows this. Just gotta take the extra step in being careful, ive bought tons of thing of c-list that I couldn't find online and sold tons of stuff on c-list to avoid those nasty ebay/paypal final value fees.

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Or does Kotick influence Activision to make a separate online fee to play COD7 or whatever they wanna call it. I wouldn't be surprised this guy is probably already making COD online cards as we speak.

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I think the 3D glasses supporters need a reality check. People like us aren't knocking 3D tech but we believe the tech just isn't ready as of yet. I think some of the 3D tech zealots need to realize 2 things.

1. 3D is nothing like the jump from Dvd to BluRay. HD and BluRay were more of a necessity we needed a higher resolution and somethin to hold more data for the higher resolution. 3D may add more immersion but is not the necessity like HiDef/BluRay/HD-DVD was.

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.............................. ...Basement.

-Gotta be the worst line in history. LoL.

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What are you talking about? He didn't say that at all. He pretty much said GT5 release might not hurt F1's sales. He didn't say F1 would sell as much as GT5. I think Codemasters has the F1 license this year correct? But even Im skeptical about GT5 not eating their sales. GT5 is like the COD for the racing genre, racing fans likely won't need anything else.

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Know if PSN DC games offer Remote Play for PSP? That would just be the icing on the cake.

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What lies in the problem is most 360 exclusives are only console exclusive. So if Billy only owns a PS3 and wants to play 360 games he has an option of getting a PC or 360. The same can't be said vice versa if you own a 360 and want to play Ps3 games you pretty much have to get a PS3. With the 360's reliability issues and timed exclusives I personally believe PS3/PC is the best route to go, barring online preference of course.

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Are u guys gamers? Arguing about a borderline metacritic score is as lame as it gets, so a game isn't good if its an 89 instead of a 91? LOL Wow. Those 2 pts. really made or broke the game huh?

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I was okay with DJ Hero. But damn activision give it a rest already. Like Dave Chappelle said the milk's gone bad.

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Better games are based on the gamer's opinion. A blog can't tell you which system has better games its up to the person to decide which console has better games. Or they could just get both systems, it don't matter.

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From these gameplay videos Halo ODST looks like an utter joke compared to Killzone 2. Seriously the gameplay looked so tedious and outdated I felt like it was 2004 again, and yes I did almost fall asleep watching those boring videos. I am very curious what you found so boring/uninteresting in Killzone 2 compared to this? I need better reasons besides it's setting. Killzone 2 could have a setting in a junkyard and still look more fun than this.

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Stone Cold agrees

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Im not falling for this. Every other year Sega pulls this same crap. They throw up a promising teaser and then they will reveal some stupid twist to ruin the game, as well as have it riddled with bugs on top of that. And they seem so phony with the "oh were going back to sonic's roots now" blah blah blah just seems like a lot of butt kissing to try and get old school fans interested again for their game. IDK I hope I am wrong with this game but I don't have much faith in it, Sonic T...

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4897d ago

This shouldn't even be news. And how is this a "Diss" ?

Edit: I guess he is "dissing" Sony, Samsung, Vizio, LG, and every other Tv manufacturer as well. See how stupid this sounds.

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Yeah I find that funny. PS3 has no games. Okay now lets compare the MGS4 coming to 360 rumor articles to "insert 360 exclusive" coming to PS3 rumor articles. Notice there aren't many articles for 360 exclusives to PS3 rumor articles.

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why should you be concerned on 360 fans/fanboys about an article that has nothing to do with the 360 ? Im just wondering are you gonna like Uncharted 2 b/c of its form of entertainment or b/c its something to rub in others faces. I honestly wonder if this is news for GAMERS or news for stockholders/fanboys?

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Im not into car sims nor am I a huge car enthusiast but those features have me really interested. Lotta of bang for your buck with these jam-packed features.

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This list was poorly thought out. Out of 7 I only agree with CounterStrike,Lego Anything and Wii Play.

I was never too fond of Resistance nor Resistance 2 but it damn sure doesn't belong on that list the game is great for what it does, and was a cult hit for a reason.

GT4 ? Is he serious?

Every Tony Hawk game after 3. Im sorry that is false, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 was an awesome game, especially being the first Tony Hawk game without the 2 minute timer. ...

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