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Agreed with that one. While I absolutely love many of the established franchises this gen (mass effect, uncharted, gears, infamous, etc.) they seem to be getting a bit stale at the same time and I just don't find myself getting quite as hyped for them.

I want to see some fresh ideas to really get me excited. Games like the last of us have me foaming at the mouth and I really want to see some more new exciting IPs.

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I somehow doubt you said the same thing about Sony when they released the Move, or announced Battle Royale.

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Both Jak and Daxter and Ratchet and Clank were released with no new entries to the series. The Sly Collection will have been out for probably about a year before Sly 4. So waiting is not a difference. An HD collection is an HD collection who cares what time frame it is released.

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Retro had nothing to do with Other M, at all. That was Team Ninja.

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Personally, I think a Pokemon game with cell shaded graphics (ala Windwaker, Tales of Vesperia, Valkyria Chronicles, the new Naruto games, etc) would really make for a great Pokemon game.

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Just because I have a Live account and achievement points doesn't mean I am going to buy the new Xbox. In fact, as of right now MS imay have a pretty hard sell to me. They started out this generation great but ever since I got my PS3 when MGS5 was released it's slowly become my primary console. And the Kinect push certainly hasn't helped things. Hell when my XBL Gold expired in January I didn't even renew it.

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I was expecting a number of PS exclusives as well. Hell Sony Santa Monica said they would be announcing 4 new games. What were they?

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Alan Wake was a great game. The mistake they made was releasing it on the same damn day as Red Dead Redemption.

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All I want is Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 or PROPER followup to the series. I can't imagine either of those could be accomplished with Kinect.

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I never played the original Warhawk and never really bought into all of the excitement over the possibility of a sequel leading up to the game's announcement. I have to say though, the more footage I see the more I'm liking it. It just looks like a load of fun.

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I have no doubt that BF3 will be the all around better, and more groundbreaking, game. But I also have no doubt that MW3 will still outsell it. Unfortunately most likely by a significant amount.

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MGS3 is one of my favorite games of all time, I actually prefer the game play and story over MGS4. I would LOVE an updated version but it's not worth buying a 3DS for. I'll continue hoping for an HD remake on PS3.

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What are the odds that it is full of micro transactions on top of it?

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This is ALL I thought that Sony should provide to begin with. Most companies offer some kind of credit monitoring after a breach like this. A few years back a bank laptop got stolen that had my info on it and my bank offered the monitoring for all those affected. I didn't stop using my bank or demand any kind of compensation. Just like I haven't stopped playing my ps3 through all of this.

Granted, I wasn't really worried about all of this since I've always...

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Including a play and charge kit is just MS's underhand way of charging more while making it appear like a good deal. Also a nice way to ensure many people will buy a second play and charge.

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For me, this gen will go down as the one that brought nickle and dime dlc, day 1 "expansions", the release of unfinished games to be patched later, the casual push, sequel after sequel, shooter after shooter and an overall lack of real innovation. In general it is the generation that signified the whoring out of the industry to huge corporations. It's brought me some of my favorite games and I love playing online but at the same time its been bittersweet.

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Very true, the first really isn't necessary to enjoy the sequel but does add to the experience. But this is still great news for PS3 owners looking to play Mass Effect 2. Too bad the first isn't being brought over as well. I would have given some consideration to re buying the two together on my PS3.

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They have no one to thank but themselves. When Bioware was for sale, MS could have ponied up the cash and bought themselves one hell of an exclusive developer. Instead they decided to pass. Wonder if they will finally get the point that they need first party studios if they want exclusives.

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Please... we all know you don't have a girlfriend.

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And you get the whole game for the price of a single MW2 map pack.

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