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I just platinumed it entirely with having 100% of all the trophies. I really did enjoy it and to me I found it very fun to play. If I had to rate it, I would give it a 7 as I do think some things could have been done better but again, the most important thing is that I found it fun to play. I do think the critics were fair in some aspects of the game while others focus too much on the political "white male" agenda which seems extremely biased.

I do hope to see a ...

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Hence why they should just release as originally slated before they start happening.

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Very true, a very close friend of mine is also worried about the combat as he prefers the more hack'n'slah type of combat. He hopes that he won't have to worry about the position of the sword like Nioh and For Honor which we're still not entirely sure about. All we really got was that e3 demo with the combat and from that it looked like the player changed position of his sword in combat stance-wise so it's really hard to say for sure how it will play out right now.

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In all honesty yeah that does seem more likely with Microsoft then with Sony. It just sounds more realistic. Also yeah I bet you people will tear into the IP if Microsoft closed the deal just cause it's cool to hate on it.

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Never played it but alot of people say it's crap. What exactly makes it such a bad game?

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I'm getting tired of all these articles on why this console is better than the other. At this point I just wish they would show games side by side so that we truly know how capable the consoles are in comparison side by side. In the end that's all I care about, how the game's performance is.

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Jesus the app just NOW hit 1 million downloads? I don't see how that is anything to be celebrated about.

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too much work

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Sony really dropped the ball with supporting the Vita. It pretty much died after 2 years aside from maybe 1 game here and there.

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Not gonna lie that's a sick looking logo.

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What the actual flying f**k is this monstrosity?????????

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What? Wrong topic buddy.

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I think The Witcher 3 has some of the best well written NPCs in the last decade.

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Ah I didn't realize that, I thought it was the english version of Deacon. Still though, it's sad he passed away.

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