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@WashingtonCapitals Since you blocked me after PMing me like a true 'pussy', I'll respond here.

Sorry about the 'cursing', I didnt realize you were so sensitive. Ill try and tone it down so I don't hurt your delicate sensitivities.

I could fill you in on the credentials of my hockey knowledge, however this is the Internet, I could say anything. Im sure my opinion doesn't carry much weight with you anyways. How about the GMs of the ...

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I am not going to be ignorant and say OV sucks, thats just stupid. However you shouldn't be calling anyone a pussy while backing OV. I will never forget him leaving the game agianst Canada in the World Juniors. He was crying and complaining that he was being 'picked on'. Sure, he has sinced toughened up, but he has the beating the Canadian juniors gave him to thank for that.

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The writer spoke with a 'couple' users, and a 'select' group has concerns, so NG should consider heading back to the drawing board?! *facepalm*

The gaming media is never going to change.

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A recent study was conducted (by a company independent of any government) which placed metal joists similar to those used in the WTC overtop of a burning pool of jet fuel while supporting a proportional weight. The joists melted, buckled and failed even faster than those in the WTC on 9/11.

Furthermore, a panel composed of sev...

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Thats strange. I dont know what region youre in, but with my NA account I didnt need to recieve any e-mail. I simply attempted to sign in and it proceeded to ask me to change my password (which I did) and I was signed in.

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They just threatened a judge, it's now a federal offence.

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The graphics look fantastic!

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@Blackburn5- I have noticed the exact same things. +Bubble although I doubt it will matter.

Ever since the launch of GT5 and Kinect I have seen a big shift in the moderation of this site. Any calling out of known trolls resulted in a 'persoanl attack' label and bubble loss. Many times Ive noticed saying anything remotely negative about Kinect resulted in the same. All the while, these well known 360 fanboys have had their bubbles incresed and their comments are rare...

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I guess you missed where I asked you if you think PD forced retailers to take more units then they asked for?

Also, I didn't question if you thought MS numbers were shipped or not, I asked why you didnt bring that up in MS sales articles.

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While I agree it's shipped, do you actually think PD forced retailers to take more units then they asked for? If they shipped more than usual it was due to demand. Do you think retailers practice ordering more units than they hope to sell?

Also, im just wondering why I didn't see you in the Halo 3, Halo Reach or the Kinect sakes articles with this argument?

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My thoughts exactly. He can do whatever he wants to his PS3; I have a problem when his actions fuck with mine.

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Man, you guys are a joke. Its been pretty obvious that Sea_Man, donkeydoo and Soul Train work for LOT.

I could care less about your site, comparisons or the conspiracy theories. Howvever, you guys really come off as low brow morons the way you flock in here and rip anyone who dares to disagree with your findings. The backslapping you guys display in support of each other or positive comments is juts as laughable. Are you all really that insecure?

When th...

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Yes it is.

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Yes, it is.

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I take it math wasnt your best subject.

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Why did you have a problem with GT5's install then when you wrote:

"It's nice that it's not mandatory, but I can't believe it should take this long regardless."

Its only a one time install, how can you possibly have a problem with that?

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Also, take a look at the link I provided and you will see multiple responses to the spamming troll all marked and hidden as 'trolling', yet the original comment remains.

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Thats because many of the mods on this site are known 360 fanboys from back in the day. Odion once wrote that it takes "A LOT of votes to bubble down". Apparently, that's not the case.

I've lost 3 bubbles in the past month for calling out 360 fanboys trolling articles (one for a response to a guy posting a spolier who I then went off on. I may have deserved that one).

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Who are you to tell me what I should have 'worked out' on my own?! I havent begun to play it yet moron, so I know very little about it! You don't post ANY details about a story ending, its that simple you imbecile! In my opinion that should lead to an instant ban as you are obviously too stupid to be a part of this community. It may not be a 'huge' spoiler, I dont know yet, but its a spoliler you dumb fuck and its now affected my future enjoyment of this game! if you '...

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Thanks dickhead! Anytime I see you anywhere on this site I'm gonna take your bubbles for being such a dumb fuck.

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