I love all consoles its the publishers that bother me.


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That’s heartbreaking to hear.

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My first comment in a WHILE but I have to vocally agree with this take!

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Wowwww… damn, Shinji Mikami will leave it soon! Tencent will stifle him. Talk about a giant fuck up! Unless he planned to cash in and start something else. That creative mind (ass) is privately owned again!

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Ah yes more “discussing and planning” we clearly need more of that.

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Damn that is amazing! It’s a shame the reactions are too cringe.

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Damn Turtle Rock…. It’s been a blast! Thanks for your contribution in gaming but now I see that the art of making great gaming experiences is dead in your ethos, your credibility also sinks with it. Ain’t no way Winnie the Pooh will let you practice said art.

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Not too bad of an article, it was quite enthralling but I want to suggest not to stop the NFT talk in gaming. We are in a industry pivot due to block chain technology. I have a feeling future headlines in regards to this topic will only get bigger so don’t exclude yourself too much.

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What the hell? The Nintendo Account is Nintendos way of having a relationship with us? Man that Iwata influence in the company is long gone now. They used to have a relationship with us through their games and new ways to play through their hardware. I understand companies need to make money, but at least sound less robotic and thirsty for what’s left in my wallet at least.

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Dammmnnn.... Wow, I know Nick got the scratch to bring the OG voice actors for this game! Why didn’t many other sites mention this?

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My uncle is very high up in UBISoft. Here is a legit leak! The next game in the franchise is Tom Clancy: Tactical Bowl Movement. Sounds believable? Well that’s how far the franchise has fallen off.

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Who is this person? And why does him being “wrong” matter to anyone? People will buy what they like or save money to own. There is no right or wrong, it’s always personal choice.

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All we had to do was get on the damn train CJ!!

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Clowns who use the “journalism” profession as a damn personal blog post write this type of piss.

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You know just because BOTW, depending who you ask is a great game. There is no need to liken game design choices to it when there are other older games that have done it first. Also Fromsoftware have earned their stripes and pedigree to simply make milestones of their own without needing it to be compared that they follow certain other gaming beats.

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That’s the story of the many people who enjoy Housemarque games! Keep going! You will only get better! As the many of of us have or even dared to reach!

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Crazy to think this dev team also failed with COD. I think that unproven team bit off more than what they could chew. In a parallel universe they could’ve been the next big thing by this point if they had only tried to be creative with these major game licenses.

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Damn, no revised parts? So they would rather have people go through hoops for new sets? I am sure the cost of replacing certain peoples joy-cons must be cheaper compared to having durable joy sticks to remedy the issue. I can’t pull the trigger on the OLED so easily, for some reason I was holding my breath for an in depth tear-down showing that they did improve the joy stick issue. Shame on me right?

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Oh man! That’s pretty awesome! I grew up on newgrounds myself! I occasionally would sign in and just reminisce! So many talented creators got their fame from that website!

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I also want to add that Falcom is using Geofront localization. There is an official announcement In their site. If it were not for them we would not have these localizations!

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I honestly don’t know what to make of this but it’s unfortunate because HyperX has been making great strides before this acquisition. Here goes hoping that they continue to let them do their thing with a bigger budget and R and D.

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