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"Alan Wake is not an exclusive. You can play it on PC."

Dammit...when are people going to learn.....the PC does NOT count. Totally different platform, from a console perspective, it IS an Xbox exclusive, Xbox is not in competition with PC's..

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I want to see a new Manhunt or announce the work on Agent.

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I of the reasons why I rarely post replies on here anymore. And the "disagrees" are out of control, at least explain why you disagree. I think people just like pushing that button for the hell of it.

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Saints Row?!?!....they could of picked something better than that. How about Aliens: Isolation.

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The women at that time where military nurses. So it makes sense that there where no female soldiers.

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Tough shit.....get over it or just don't buy it....SMH!!!

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Let it Die looks like a sick version of Manhunt.....can't wait.

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Damn....I was really looking forward to that game since it was the closest thing to P.T.

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I would love if they brought that creep mansion type of feel back....may be hard to pull of though, but what may be a cool idea is instead of mansion, maybe a gigantic abandon factory or warehouse where experience gone wrong are happening...or something to that effect

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I see....

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But wouldn't that be more of an incentive to put out across all 3 platforms to recuperate any financial losses?

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This is true...but R* is known for doing what they want to do, so here's hoping that maybe there is a glimmer of hope they make one.

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The Order was a good game IMO..maybe it sucked to you, but to a lot of people it didn't. Some people like twitch shooters, run-n-gun. But some like QTE and Point and Click. And when its time for action, The Order didn't disappoint to me, play it on hard and its no cakewalk!

The Order is not for everyone and you just happen to be one of them obviously, but to say it sucked or is terrible, that's your perception. The visuals in the Order to me where incredible for...

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The hell with that....announce a new Manhunt or Bully!

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In the words of B-Rad..."Don't be hatin'!"

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Who really cares.....I'm mean people are really upset over this? Pretty much everyone knows the game is good, so who care what score they gave it. The positives totally outweigh the bad, so why all the fuss?

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An apocalyptic game vs an adventure game.....uummmkay, this makes sense /s

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Would be nice if the bonus was to include Uncharted: Golden Abyss redone for the PS4.

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