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I thought it was a funny final reveal, imagine finding things funny without being toxic.

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If simulation is what you're looking for then PC has the most racing simulators with games like Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 and iRacing.

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Dunno what to tell you, I've done the £1 a month thing for every month I've been subscribed.

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Well Gamepass is even cheaper than that and is less hassle than having to buy and sell physical items, £1 per month if you don't let it renew automatically.

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It says so in the description, all Xbox first party games come to PC.

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This caught my interest, the art style is really awesome

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Hopefully that's a thing of the past, Dark Souls 3 and Sekiro were really well done.

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@Ocelot07 on PC it's in either Game Pass for PC or Game Pass Ultimate and I have only ever paid £1 a month for Game Pass for PC. Maybe when the £1 renewal stops working I'd look at EA play alone.

It's probably in regular PC gamepass because we have less games than Xbox gamepass

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Why would anyone subscribe to EA Play on PC directly when it is included in Gamepass?

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Because it's highlighting a promotion.

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I've also done this 4 - 5 times. Just let it expire without renewing and then you will probably see a £1 offer.

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I think you're being a bit misleading here. EVs are cleaner than new ICE verhicles over there lifetime, even without the grid being clean as they are much more energy efficient and batteries can be repurposed or recycled once they reach end of life.

Engineering Explained recently released a video on why synthetic fuels probably wont be used for passenger cars, it's just going to be super expensive to run.

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It's possible to put a PS5 and a screen in a car already, it's just illegal if it's in the drivers view.

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Cars have batteries that can power a household. Ford claims the new F150 Lightning can apparently power a house for about 3 days during a blackout if at full charge, although I assume that's going to be if you are super conservative on what you turn on.

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In my opinion, the sound is Halo. It's one of those games that is instantly recognizable by it's soundtrack.

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Yes but everyone benefits so it remains an even playing field. It doesn't really matter so much with games that have skill based match making as if you can't hit your shots nor can your enemies, if you can then they can.

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Neither input is super ideal for racing games though I do agree controller is better, wheel and pedals is the way to go. Just like a HOTAS + Head Tracker is the way to go for flight simulators.

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It just takes a while to get used to it, you lose the skill if you don't do it for a while as well. I am completely useless at FPS with a controller now as I don't play those games with that input but I would probably get better after a few months.

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Wow now this is some proper N4G exclusive nonsense.

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I understand the complaint from the game developers perspective, especially for lower budget indie titles as it could reduce the risk on a project if you didn't have to sell as many copies to turn a profit but I really dislike how the companies bringing forward these lawsuits are pretending that they are fighting for the consumer, there was no cut in prices when games went predominately digital on PC even though the returns were better and I doubt it will be the case this time but they ke...

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