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So you've got a hold of the beta version of Natal, and had time enough to test it out?

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You can buy the first one on 360 if you have one. It's dirty cheap right now. I hope there isn't any problems with the PS3 version.

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I guess you would buy the PC version instead uh? Opps, it's the same price on there too. Why is it, you are always jumping at Microsoft when some cases are the publishers problem? Microsoft isn't Capcom. Go blame them, or at least acknowledge them somewhere in that post.

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It's the same on PC too, Microsoft doesn't own Capcom last I checked, and just shows you don't do any research when you see stuff like this.

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Blaming DLC? Well I must have a good version of the game because I have not experienced freezing on my 360 copy. And it's not everyone's cup of tea, but don't go bashing it because you don't like it. If you don't then you don't.

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So basically, it'll be the upgraded version TMNT: Tournament Fighters from the SNES days, that will be cool I guess. Competition is always good among games of the same genre. Just make it good.

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Your theory just sunk, because Namco isn't making Tales of Vesperia on the PS3, they are just making a new Tales of title for the system. Already confirmed if you followed what Namco said at E3. Microsoft has Tales of Vesperia locked down so I'm told.

Star Ocean 4 on PS3... I highly doubt that, Tri-Ace has had a good relationship with Microsoft right now, I wouldn't be surprised if they threw money at them to keep it on their console instead of Sony. More then likely there will b...

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Bad call dude. Fanboyism comments go this way --->

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Sounds like a cool game.

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Do you know how expensive that bundle would be, and don't forget we are living in money-crunching times. It would a loss to port the first game with the second title. As much as I want this game to go to PS3 so you all would quit talking about it, then some of you need to say the same about Metal Gear Solid 5 or whatever it'll end up becoming because of the user base on 360 can't be ignored. I personally don't see it coming to the PS3 at all. I still stand by the fact there is some contract b...

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Vesperia was the 360 Tales of, this one is for PS3... When I said 360 and PS3, I meant both would have their own Tales of games not a multiplatform title. Which it was confirmed at an E3 press for Namco each would have their own Tales of title. PS3 is slowly getting RPGs which is good.

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Nope. ToV is only on 360, and this was the PS3 new game that was discussed at E3. Read up on it.

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Don't worry it is, why do people not remember Namco saying there were two games in development, 360 and PS3. This is the PS3 game that was talked about.

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It's Cry On that got canned to focus on other games they were working on, it's already been talked about that Blue Dragon 2 will be in development. I'd even say Lost Odyssey 2 may see it's way into 360 around next year sometime.

And good for Playstation 3, here's hoping for the US release of Yakuza 3 from Sega, since Sega had it's up and downs, it's good to see them get money out of this.

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People like to act like mindless sheep when picking what they want. Of course this isn't just in video games, but that's what I was targeting when I wrote that editorial. It's sad that they don't really branch out and try it first because of an opinion from someone they don't know. I wasn't just talking Star Ocean. There are plenty of good games that aren't picked up because of this, this is from people of both sides of console owners. It's really sad to see. PS2 had it but nothing remotely l...

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What are you talking about? The acting in this is nearly perfect besides Lym, the rest was really good for a jRPG, Lym is just the only downside to it with kay in almost every line, but then again, her character is a little child and that can be overlooked because little kids do act like that sometimes. It's normal.

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Well you may be waiting for a long time, if any, and just because there isn't a "Only on 360" doesn't mean it's getting a port. Most likely it was a wait and see kind of thing with Tri-Ace, they don't port games anyway. They remake them but never ported anything to another system. Sales have already shown this thing is bring in the money. Just get over that theory in hoping it's getting a port and pick the game up now. It's ridiculous. Get an Arcade, get a used HDD and you get one m...

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I haven't experienced these freezes in Star Ocean, but, on topic I would have to say no. As far as I know there hasn't been reports of freezing in neither games.

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No it isn't, that's just the way Star Ocean's style differs from Final Fantasy and Lost Odyssey. This reviewer said he liked the old feeling of Lost Odyssey than flopped it and called Star Ocean criticized it for doing the same formula - and I have to ask, did he think it was going to be a mature JRPG? Or even looked at the screenshots? Talk about bias reviewer... I like both Star Ocean and Lost Odyssey, but this is just bad on his part. If he doesn't like anime, then that's cool go to some o...

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