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Dismissed this the second I saw it came from Philip Zimbardo.

For those who don't know, this was the genius that designed that famous prison experiment that caused his students psychological damage and taught people to dehumanize one another.

And then he married the one grad student who stood up to him and said "This is nuts you're harming these people."

He's a landmark psychologist, but also considered a crank.

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I thought the same thing when I saw it.

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Before I clicked on the article title I thought, "with this headline, I bet this is from gamepur."

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Oh my god. Is this really where we are with this?

"Mommy loves you both equally" comparisons?

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Well hopefully this version runs at 60fps, but that's not going to change how awful the writing is or the fact that the combat was dumbed down.

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Part of it is irrationality, and part of it is consumers punishing Microsoft, and being more wary of the brand after the hell it was put through last year.

The same thing happened to Playstation last cycle.

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How many good PS3 games were there in the first half of 2007, versus where Sony ended up in 2013?

There's your answer.

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Titanfall is doing great and it deserves a lot of credit, but "a big bet," c'mon.

It's a twitch online shooter made by former COD devs that's been hyped to hell and back for the last 9 months, on a platform known, first and foremost, for shooters and online gaming.

As far as bets go, this was like wagering with two queens in your pocket and one more in the flop. Not a sure bet, but a damn good hand.

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Next on Overanalyzing Minor Plot Contrivances:

How Bioshock Gives Tacit Approval for Killing the Mentally Ill


Metal Gear Solid 4: Otacon and Snake In the Closet

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Busted out laughing at #1.

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Just tested with my own PS4, everything is working fine for me. Even the store.

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Maybe I wouldn't have killed off Elena in Uncharted 2, but I definitely think Sully should have been killed off in 3.

If Hennig refuses to ever kill off a character then the drama goes away because our protagonists are invincible. I would appreciate Straley and Druckman coming in and thinning the heard a little.

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Microsoft's relationship with it's internal devs is mixed to bad. Bungie left, Rare is in shambles. Black Tusk just got saddled with Gears instead of being allowed to work on its own project (so much for new IPs from Microsoft). 343i was just made to continue milking Halo. And who even knows what's going on with Lionhead.

If I'm Zampella I'd want to work with Sony, or Ubisoft, or 2K, one of those publi...

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It wasn't a mistake, and it probably wasn't MS's decision.

EA was willing to go along with MS exclusivity for a pile of cash (especially since they thought MS would dominate next gen), but no way would they limit their customer base to just one brand new console when there are millions more potential consumers on PC and 360.

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Gameplay wise it wasn't innovative. Very very good, but not innovative.

I suppose you could argue there was some innovative storytelling techniques used though. Certainly in regards to the last couple of chapters.

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This writer completely missed the point of the The Last of Us' ending and managed to overlook entirely the themes that were being explored.

I'm the first person to cry foul when it comes to sequelitis, and the first person to say that The Last of Us doesn't need a sequel, but this article looks at only the shallowest aspects of the game's story.

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Square Enix needs some new blood at the top. They can't go on overbudgeting their games like this.

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All GameZone articles should come with this qualification:

"From the website that scored Tony Hawk's Ride higher than Uncharted 2."

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I agree with Yahtzee wholeheartedly on this matter.

It may be fashionable to crap on GTA IV and praise V, but IV's characterizations were much stronger and the story's themes were fleshed out better. The satire in IV was also directed at better targets.

I still like V a lot for the improved gameplay and mission variety, but the impact of all of your actions in the game is less palpable when everyone is a cartoon character.

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This site quotes Quarter to Three for criticism.

That alone is a questionable decision. That site is pure clickbait.

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