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Not when your company as a whole is moving toward a services model. Microsoft just knocked this put the box. AMAZING. Xbox fans STAND UP.

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By the time this game comes to the PS4 it will be too late. Every game dev will implement this game mode into there game (Battlefield 2018, C.O.D 2018 as well as others). People will be moving on by the summer (E3).

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What is Microsoft licencing from Sony. Sony doesn't have SH%$ to licence. They sold it ALL. One trick PONY more like it.

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They didn't say this shit when the PS4 NO came out. GREAT COMMENT

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Where are they. Let me gues, waiting on FORZA 7's 4k 60. PlayStation fans could have it, I will be playing the definitive shooter on my X1X.

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So that they don't have the BLUNDER of GTA V Online. RD2 is going to be MASSIVE. Can't wait.

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If I'm not mistaken didn't the ps3 finish last in the race last gen???

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Well you hit the nail one the head. Scorpio is not ment to be a next gen system. It's a mid gen refresh just like the Pro. But since Sony decided to go the Apple way with the Pro and release half added B/S, the Scorpio stomps a mudhole in the NO PRO.

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Nothing but RESPECT. That's a man trying to keep communication with is family. T.C Stand up / Family man in the house.

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Isn't HHG the laughing stock among Dev's?

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The NO PRO sold 250,000 in two month's. Yes the Scorpio will outsell.

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I think not. Just like the Ps4, X1 & Ps4 Pro the Scorpio will have it own event. April or May right before E3. E3 will and should always be about the games for all platforms.

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My my my how trends will never change. This same articles came in the early stages of Xbox One. The same histoy repeating itself.

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There has to be a camera of some sort for the new headsets coming. Microsoft has 3rd party support for HoloLens & VR. Trust me something is brewing, a camera is going to be needed. If they are smart they will just bundle it when you buy a VR headset and or sold separately. Kinect isn't going anywhere RoomAlive (Razer just demoed Project Ariana at CES yesterday), VR, AR/HoloLens. All bases are being covered while saving money. Microsoft is allowing there partners to be creative while n...

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Phil stated this information two or three weeks ago. This will be out of the box as well.

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Couldn't have said it any better. RD is amazing, even for today's gaming. Rock Star have found the Golden Ticket in game development.

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The Pro just came out. WTF, Scorpio has MOFOS shaking in there BOOTS. Great job Microsoft

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Looks like the same game on both systems. What's the point of my upgrade?

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Well that's good insight. At the same time Microsoft is so partner based the 500gb could be the only model, they could promote external hard drives hard as hell. This is where I believe Microsoft finds there money savings.

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