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First of all...when did youtube go wide screen? LOL!!! This game looks amazing, kinda like I felt when I saw COD4 before the release...but better, in many, many ways! Can't wait for this one and Afro Samurai!!!

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really?! Someone disagreed? Wow!!!

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This is better looking than the Beta!!!!

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I'm lovin' LBP!!!!

Wish the they had a package deal for all the DLC though.......
Finally get to try out DeadSpace!!! Although I've been told on many occasions that it is a must buy!!!!

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well.....I'm one of those who hasn't made that jump to Sirius yet, although both of my trucks are equipped with the necessary equipment. This might not be a bad alternative.

Your Corolla dude?.....

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if you are currently in the Home beta and you are a Qore subscriber....

Can I just give away my access code from the Qore subscription?

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I'm there......

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I was all geeked up when I saw I was selected for the Beta.

Since then nearly every night I'm firing away. I created matches for every map available just to walk around and check out the layout without worrying about someone snipping me from across the map. The lighting really is a sight to behold. The destructible environments....really spot on. The recoil of the rifles is pretty accurate. Explosions are really cool with the lingering debris some 5-6 seconds after the fact is a nic...

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300 pages? ...Damn when does class start?! Will there be a lab? Oh, and will there be a grading curve?


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That's pretty freaking cool!!!! I like this kind of marketing. The whole National Treasure 2 reference did it for me.

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"you stupid tin foiled hat wearing...." LMAO!!!



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but maybe the multiplayer will drag some. I'm telling you there's something about 40 -50 Chimera comming after your squad of 8 that really gives you that feeling of an all out War. It is in my book better than COD4 online but have heard that COD5 plays better. Wanna see for myself though.


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I like the fact that it is challenging it only enforces the need for team play! I'm telling you when the horde comes straight for your squad 30 - 40 deep you need the Medic cause you will die and often. You will need the Spec-Ops guy throwing you ammo cause you will run out and you will need the Infantry Men cause they have shields you can hide behind.

Honestly playing the eight man Co-Op campaign gave me more of a sense of a real war going on. There were honestly 30-40 if not 50...

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everybody hear about the Killzone 2 beta? there will be a killzone 2 theme to download that gets you on the list if downloaded. None the less this is rather strange...right when the store is to update.


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what was his reasoning for not giving it at least a 9.5 if not a 10.0? The Beta deserved a 9.5 by itself.....the full game should have definitely been a 10.0. that's a no brainer. Watch every other site give it a 10.0.


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the pics look like they were drawn. Does the entire game have that same feel.

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Although I really don't see the significance of these comparison videos. I mean really what comes of them? I'm not gonna buy a 360 or PS3 just because it may look better there.
I can actually say that the PS3 version looks noticeably better. It has a richer feel to it. Could be the contrast though. Funny how people above say the PS3 version looks washed actually appears to be the 360 version that is slightly washed out. Anyways this game is a must buy in my bo...

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but if you bought a $500 system for one game your a freaking idiot! Then to come on here and say it was the mistake on your part is only confirming it.....

I would like to think that there were other reasons at stake that made you pull that trigger not just MGS4. Sorry if that offends you but you said it....


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my level is huge already....I do transitions from one game to another. Gonna be EPIC!!!


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I never got changed out of my clothes from work yesterday. I came home(6:30pm)...turned it on...just to try it out...and didn't turn it off till 1:30am.


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