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I feel dumb for even going that route....

Play games...not sales figures!

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They can spin it however they want....
Simple truth, Sony is narrowing that lead. Here are the Worldwide totals. Who cares who's leading where....

End of 2006: Xbox360 - 10.4
PS3 - 1.68
That's a difference of +8.72
note: Sony Launched Nov. 06. Microsoft Launched Nov. 05 with no competition.

End of 2007: Xbox360 - 17.7
PS3 - 10.53
That's a difference of +7.17
note: Sony has a full year of sales. Slight lead over Microsoft's fi...

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a Barrel roll?!! Wow!!! I love the feel of that fire fight... looks as if this will be the new online CRACK!!! sorry Little Big Planet!

This game is ridiculous!!! I just can't believe how far they've come....

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Why should it even be a focal point to find a Jasper 360. I mean everyone seems to think that the whole RROD issue is being blown out proportion anyways.

Another Question: Why pay so much attention to the newest chipset of a console? Especially when it doesn't add any new capability that wasn't there previously.

These are the questions I'd like to hear the honest answers for. Don't bring up the other console and crap. These are legitimate questions with no answers in...

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I laugh at your ignorance....

......hahahahahahahahahahahah aha

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What do u people?

.....sorry just couldn't resist.

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First he says he's still playing his 360 from day one....yet it was replaced once?!

Am I the only one that finds a contradiction there?

Wow! delusional bunch they are....

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this game. It looks amazing!

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I was gonna some how make sense of this....but it just ain't happening!

I agree....this is gonna end badly!

Note: I do believe they count individual IP addresses the PS3 and 360's have assigned. Each unit has a particular IP address assigned. Counting user accounts would be inaccurate unless they are using master account numbers.

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Beat the game, played the online portion for a while and never played it again. Ended up trading it in. Now with trophies I may pick it up again this time at a lower price.

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now you may have something.....

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LMAO!!! oh boy!! That's some funny crap!
....really it isn't.

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Where was Gears 2? Where was Little Big Planet? No fanboy parody here but I find that actually...rather shocking? None the less...Metal Gear Solid was the epitome of the franchise and what a Next Gen game should be all about.


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noticed that too! I'd be willing to bet this has something to do with it,

Can anyone say update!!!

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Awwww.... Hell!

edit: I need this game now...Holy Shyt!!

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Every girl you see may not really be a girl....

G.I.R.L - Guy In Real Life

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I'll do the same. Add me Blackmoses11

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too funny.....

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