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It's called a "Business Plan". How can we make even more money from this potential AAA hit?......DLC!!!!

Wow!!!! so we know the games is going to be a hit, hell all the media outlets lets hit em' up with some DLC. They love the game so much they'll buy the DLC!!! Easy money!!! It has nothing to do with what will or will not fit on a disc..... Whoever said that was being a fanboy!!! it's stupid....nearly every game now has some form of DLC. It has nothing to ...

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then given the difference in release date and price tell me why they haven't increased their lead? They have the games and the service.....why is it still only a 8 million unit lead.

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I just did similar research myself not too long ago and pretty much came up to the same results...
No one wants to admit it though but the proof is there.

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I started up playing and was already comfortable....guess that because I was in the MP beta and was playing constantly......LMAO!!!! I played the Demo 10 straight times, then exited it just to start it up again to see the cool 3D menu screen again...LOL!!!!! I played like 5hrs worth of the supposed 10 hour campaign by just playing a 10 minute lie!!!!

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rut rohhh raggy?!!

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WTF?!!! What are they a Porn site by night and a video game blog during the day?! LOL!!!!

4369d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment!!! 9 minutes too late. My gamestop claimed they ran out of vouchers!

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is the demo available to everyone or just those who pre-ordered from gamestop?

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I didn't see where they said it was free?! Actually I don't recall them saying anything about price at all..........

hmp......I stand corrected!
- "Our solution, celebrate your holiday this year with the free LittleBigPlanet Valentines Day Theme pack! In addition to our McLovin SackBoy costume, the theme pack comes equipped with a full array of stickers and decorations that will surely inspire some wild and crazy creations."

Probably will be correct...

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Best Review ever.

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The would drop the price of the PS3 right before the game drops.......

imagine how many PS3's hey would sell then!

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of his comment.........he was joking!!!!!!!! I doubt very seriously Lightning means what he said. note the sarcasm he uses!!!!!!!

anyways....dude looks like a woman! Oh, Lord....there is nothing funny about it, it was sarcasm!!!!! I'm sure he means the exact opposite of what he wrote. Sarcasm.
Why am I defending this dudes comments......Lightning your on your own.........

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just don't get why everyone is complaining about the controls or why you cant shoot and run. As far as i can remember you've never been able to shoot and run in any Resident Evil game. The developers felt it added to the tension of the game play. It works for me. I love the demo and played it quite frequently........can't wait till it comes out. I was thinking of getting dead space but I might like this one a little better.....

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I got a disagree....for what?! LMAO!!!!!!

4370d ago 5 agree1 disagreeView comment ignorant [email protected]#$!!!!

ahhhhhh hahahahahahaha....I think I'm starting to like Mr. Sessler............

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how I love the.......

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.............................. ..............Doooooooooooode? ! WtF!?!?!

yeah...............edit it out now!!!!!!

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You guys are quick, I haven't even heard the guy talk yet but just the look of him had me rollin'!!! I mean WTF!!! The!!! then the really nasty looking facial hair doooode!!! Really?! Really!!? Doooooode!!!!!

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With a FPS....what else are you gonna do that's not gonna appear to be a played out scenario to this guy? I mean First Person SHOOTER!!!!!!! You shoot Sh#$!!!!! Not that hard to understand, not that hard to figure out, not that many scenarios to choose from! You either shoot at an alien race, members of your own race or members of a completely different faction. You shoot them in the future, in the present, the past and hell even in an alternate past or alternate present. First Person Shooter...

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i know right?!

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