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that you're an idiot. Made me laugh though.

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that is Morse Code!!!

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Olga wasn't all that much of a pretty girl. remember her hairy arm pits....."classic moment by the way".

This picture , I believe it's Sunny. The weather effect patterns coincided with her name.... Rain to Sun vs Sunny.
Then you have the well manicured eyebrows.....definitely feminine.
Same color eyes and hair as Sunny.

I'm just trying to figure out how this whole mask thing come into play.... dud_uk has a photoshoped image he posted. There is s...

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I saw what you did there.....bubbles for you....LMAO!!!!

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he would after his fight with Revolver Ocelot and the whole microwave chamber event.....

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it's said that it's NOT multiplatform, and if it's not and the trailer will be shown ten minutes before Hideo takes the stage on the Sony website then that means no Microsoft or Nintendo. It's also said to not be of the MGS variety and its also nothing really ground breaking but will surprise people with what exactly it is.

Now the waiting game starts....

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God Gawd she's gorgeous!!!

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that's just a DS......LMAO!!!

yeah second to the last one.....bought it yesterday!

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but after watching that I really want this game now. I was interested but wasn't sure, now I want it for sure.

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I actually want this. The commercial makes me wanna play the game even after I've finished playing it for 4 hours.

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I like everyone else here is still trying to figure this one out?

Halo 4?! HALO freaking 4!!!! on the PS3?!!!
C'mon man!!!!

....still trying to wrap my brain around that one....

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Yes it is.....

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Aren't these the same guys some months ago who burned their 360's or something like that? Proclaiming this game was gonna own all? So why give it an A- .... LOL!!! Can;t wait!!!! Midnight release for me!!!!!

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and it couldn't come at a better time. I'll have all weekend to play! Damn!!! I better stock up the mini-frig and charge up the Bluetooth.

....and dude....I ain't sweet!!

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June 5th , 2006

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This is probably the coolest thing I've ever heard as far as gaming adverts.

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You know...I don't think that this was canned. Something tells me we'll hear about this again. But damn!!!! That looks good..... I mean DAMN GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

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I gotta get this game!

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shaving points off for what it doesn't have.....
They tried but ultimately didn't work out for them. Is it absolutely necessary that every game have co-op?

Edit: yeah....matter of fact let's downgrade Super Mario Brothers for no Online Support or maybe Gears of War because it doesn't effectively use power-up mushrooms....

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Technically....Gears is a 3rd person shooter and to compare a 3rd person shooter to a 1st person shooter is ignorance in its self!!!

They are not the same...the only similarities are that they both require(the player) to shoot things.
I have not played Gears but I have seen Gears....It looks great! As a 3rd person shooter.... but you get the same with UNREAL Tournament on the PS3. With users mods it's better to an extent. Killzone 2 as a true FPS....kills Halo(all of them, ...

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