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I think i just pee'd myself

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No what seems gay is that you 360 owners are in such an uproar about this Sony announcement because you feel that this news could, i did say could threaten the house that Microsoft built. We all knew that they would come up with something to rival Microsofts achievements system, we all all knew this well ahead of time. Didn't hear no complaining then, so why hear it now? Why? well that's easy...they believe this idea could work!

I'm with T-virus though "7 - Don't take this...

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Are you kidding me? Are you freakin' kidding me!?? I am so happy with choice in consoles. I just can't wait for this game to come out. Wow!! really... WOW!!! must contain self....must be strong....!!!

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What time frame was this game set in? all this time I've been thinking like 17 or 1800's. Rocket Launcher? Judging from the screens a rocket launcher doesn't seem to fit.

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I think i pee'd in my pants just a little.

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I google.

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Intresting to say the very least. It sounds like it actually may turn out better than we think. I'm rather intrested to see how this all unfolds.

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yeah it actually isn't a bad game. I believe it took me a a little while to get to the fourth evolution. I agree though if you take your time and just enjoy the game you too will be up till 11:30 at night just...Flowing.

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I did say many not all. Get a grip!

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but, It's rather odd and comforting all at the same time, how you guys rally around your console of choice. You try to understand and to a point try to justify the reasons behind all of the problems that may be experienced.

It seems to me though, that if this were a PS3 article, this same understanding and temperament would not be justly reciprocated.
Basically all hell would have broken loose with that type of article.
As I said before "I'm not trying to ...

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maybe I just haven't gotten enough rest but...I just can't see the difference.
You say the PS3 version looks washed out? Well, I really wouldn't say that. I mean for a moment there until I looked in the corner of the screens to see which is which, I thought it was the same thing being shown over and over again. I didn't even realize the system designation until halfway through. And just because one appears brighter than the other doesn't make it the clear cut winner. your foolish if y...

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Someone at some point in time, in this comment section, is gonna let these words come out of their mouths (if they haven't already!) "...It will look even better on the 360" and actually mean it! {shaking my head...thinking how immature they're gonna look}

lol...I'm just guys always crack me up.

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...but where in that article does it state that. How do we know for sure? How do you know for sure? What do they email you the monthly sales figures. Where is this info stated in this article. The least they can do is back it up with hard proof.

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Well maybe the reason is that it was only released thus far in Japan and DOA 4 was launched in the US and Japan Communities. This is about the most insane article yet. Second rate website that this was pulled from as well.

And for it to sell half of what DOA 4 has, with it only being released in Japan, it's pretty fair to say that it will out do DOA 4 when it hits the states. You won't see the numbers for it then and this story will be irrelevant. For DOA 4 to only sell 60,000 ...

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yeah believe that non-sense if you want to. If you trully want to believe that changing the face plate is a cool trait then go right ahead. while your at it go and find some cool vinyl decals to put all over it too. Whoa boy!


Seriously I hear what your saying but I just don't get it. It's cool for those that want that option but I stopped covering my school books with paper bags and drawing cool little ninja guys and perverted stick men on it's cove...

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Xbox has a game and at the time it's an exclusive....they are all happy.......later it comes to another platform......all hell breaks loose. The hate consumes them.

But if was the other way around, ohhhh boy! "Sony is going down" or "It's all over now"!!! Like a game initially made for the XBOX and XBOX360 should never be ported for another system?!!!


Talk about crybabies!!

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Gives a whole new meaning to their "Jump in"

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He's sooo right changing my face plate for $20 a pop is soooo cool. It really makes me feel just that much better about my XBOX360. Especially since that really doesn't do anything for me as far as gameplay..................note the sarcasm!!!

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If it is, “just a port of the 360 version”, then why on God's green earth is this a story?

Why in the world are you guys constantly crying about how it will one day make it to the 360 and why they call it an exclusive for the PS3. If it's just a port of a previously released 360 game, why in the world are you guys fighting over it so much?

You know why...Cause you don't really believe that it's just a port of a previously released 360 title. It just doesn't make...

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"And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat upon him was Death and hell followed with him"


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