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I started the game out on God mode or whatever was the initial highest mode you could play the first time through the day it was released. I'm still on my first play through and it took me every bit of 5 days to get past the last room of Pandora before taking "The Plunge" back to the three judges of fate...

and what do I get as a reward...The Devil Crebrus..... which I have possible died 6 dozen times already. Is it hard...yes!! Am I looking forward to starting all over...

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it seems Sony Santa Monica is quick to fix the glitch....

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one glitch I might have to take advantage of. I still need to beat the game first of course. Someone tell me why did I decide to play the game on GOD/HARD mode right from the start... I'm still trying to get out the room with Pandora...

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I appreciate this dudes enthusiasm, and general love for gaming but, he's incredibly annoying. I wanted to hear what was said regarding Killzone 3 nut it's incredibly hard to focus in on what they hell he's trying to say. I wish he also did an editorial piece of what he's talking about as well I just can't sit through an entire web-isode. From one brotha to another...relax man! Seriously, go rub one out before hand or something....

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I thought there was more to that than just Pandora's Box, art book and game....

Oh, well...Pandora's Box is cool and all but I thought there was more.

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Wait....isn't this the same guy that John Stewart and "The Daily Show" did a piece on? No pun intended... "piece"...really

Wait, yeah it is....

I'm sorry this crap is funny....

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first, I love that site "Videogamer" anytime you get quality HD Video reviews in a clean presentation, I'm all for it. Plus the English always "sound" more informed when giving reviews, although they probably aren't. LOL!!!

God of War III, as much as I try not to read too many reviews, watch too many clips and still this point with 3 days remaining... I just can't hold out anymore! Absolutely Positively can not wait for this to drop. The True Hack ...

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is there gonna be a sex mini game involved?

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I'm kinda waiting on the same thing. Last time I visited an article on here like this some A$$ told everyone who the Origami Killer was in Heavy Rain..... A WEEK BEFORE THE DAMN GAME CAME OUT!!!!

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Freudian slip... guess I am anticipating a third one to be revealed soon. None the less they are great games on their own merit when they first debuted. Anyways, God of War III will be very hard to dismiss. Actually rather impossible.


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after seeing and playing I still don't get why all the fuss was made over Bayonetta?! Really?!! Is there a real comparison there?

Bayonetta = Dante's Inferno

I haven't heard all that much about either one of them since the weeks they were released.

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but once I did! MY GOD!!!!!!!!

It's just really speaks volumes when you look at the progression of a game, from it's very first entry to it's most recent iteration. I mean I thought my jaw hit the floor while playing Demo some months back, but watching the GameTrailers show on SpikeTV... I think not only PlayStation enthusiast but gamers, no matter their allegiance are gonna be blown away. This will have just as an equal impact as Gears of War made when it first debuted on the 36...

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Trying to alter my Tendencies one way or the other is beyond me....but the game is loads of fun. This is coming from someone whom RPG never even sparked an interest in before now.

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is it safe for Work?!
:( why even ask......of course it's not :(

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need to get this game. heard so much about it

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I didn't have the privilege to play the God of War III demo as my voucher in my copy of God of War Collections case didn't work!!! DAMN you SONY!!!!

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still pissed my voucher for the demo in my God of War Collections game doesn't work...Sony better be hooking me up quick!!!

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but, I bought a 360 just to play the Gears games and ass Effect and I haven't touched it since.... didn't even bother playing Halo, and this doesn't get me thinking about turning the thing on either.....

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I mean what's the difference between this and Devil May Cry? Other than the main protagonist being a half way dressed female with a bad hip?

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2/5? really? makes me kind of Leary about going to see the movie.............

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