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Damn... I know this dude! he's on my friends list right now! LMAO!!!!! Scrappy nooooooooooooo LOL

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so wait... you mean life happened? step away from the controllers fellas... easy now.

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I haven't been on here in FOR-EV-ER!!!!! anyways, that was funny as hell. I've been debating on which one I should get MW3 or Battlefield 3. I'm thinking Battlefield 3 now....

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Winning! nice....

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Yeah just happened Friday... nothing to do with the security FW. the heat gun method doesn't work? If you know something then tell me. I'll try anything at this point. I'm well past my warranty plus it's an original 60 gig that I'm unwilling to part with. Sony offered to replace it with a refurbished Slim 180 Gig for $99. Just not feeling the lack of BW compatibility.

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yeah... YLOD!!! Just figured it out. Just bought myself a heat gun and some heat sink compound....

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Well, I don't know what the hell is going on, but my PS3 won't even turn on now! I have a launch 60 Gig with all the bells and whistles! I have no interest in all this custom FW crap. I go to play Enslaved opted not to update just yet cause I wanted to play the game... walk upstairs to get a drink... come back down stairs only to find it's cut off. I try and turn it on again it starts to boot and and then beeps twice and cuts off!!!! I more that just a little pissed right now, cau...

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Double post sorry...

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I knew there was a reason why I hadn't picked up Black Ops yet..... it would take time away from GT5

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I swear.... I just want games. Not the mini games that both these peripherals are shoveling out but real games!!! I'm talking Black OPS, God of War, Demon Souls type games... Enough with these "anything you can do I can do better" crap!!! Just give me good games with a decent replay value. I work out on my own and yeah to a degree that can be fun, but when I wanna play a video game....I really just want to vegg out for a couple of hours and immerse myself either in a good to dec...

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WANT!!!! couple this with Enslaved and Castlevania LOS there's no need to get Dead Rising 2...

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Boooooo to the fishes! Boooooooooo!!!

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I distinctly remember the same being said about "BLU-RAY"

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N4G just crossed over!!! I kinda skeered to check the vid out now!!

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why make us download the FW, only to turn around and make you download additional files to try out the FW features...(video editing feature) why not include everything in the original FW?

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time to get it....

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I started to frequent this site back in 2006 and to be completely honest up until last's been the home to nothing but PS3 bashing. I've seen the tide change recently and it's a bit funny that an article be published complaining about this now....Now! All up until recently is was 360 central anybody and everybody bashing the PS3. Now all of the sudden Sony has come roaring back...Nintendo is starting to falter slightly and what was once believed an insurmountable lead by ...

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I've admittedly held out from getting this game. Loved the demo but it never propelled me to go get the full game. I guess I have no real excuse now. It was between this and Lost Planet 1 & 2 but I hear neither of those games have rated very well... oh well....I am Batman!!!

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I never did finish the first one. I did like the story line, I'm a bit of a Knights Templar fan as far as history and conspiracy theory goes. May need to revisit the series and pick up part two as well before this drops.

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This article, this so called story is just plain SAD!

It's a video game people. If you're looking at digital representation of T&A for enjoyment then it's kinda pathetic and therefore makes you rather simple.... just sayin'

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