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Yet another console exclusive game for the 360 marked down simply because of the console it's on.

Race Pro, Ninja Blade and now Metro 2033. These games deserve at least a 10.

The state of gaming journalism today is appalling.

I bet Gamespot staff are rolling around in Sony money as we speak.

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Agree with the UK comment FIshy.

I downloaded the beta on Saturday, took me 8 hours to get, imagine my disappointment when I found out I couldn't play it after all that time. No weekend, a short time around evening meal time. and midnight to four am. Looks like I won't be playing much Mag, I work until 8pm weekdays.

The only time I will be able to play is the wee small hours. Thanks but no thanks Zipper. We need a UK Server open 5-12pm thanks. Then I might be able to...

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How can a game that isn't out or even have a release date be dominating anything at all?

I am sure that when Gran Tourismo 5 is released it will go to the top of sales charts.

Until then lets just keep on smiling!

Talk about struggling for things to write about for hits on your website. Journalism eh?

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I was playing Killzone 2 Yesterday, on the train section, to the Tharsis Refinery. Rico glitched and was wading chest deep in the metal of the trains deck as if it wasn't there. All games have bugs, singling out one console for it is just going to come back to haunt you. Soon there will be loads of Killzone 2 and all future PS3 exclusive articles pointing out each and every flaw. It happened to Gears of War 2. Therefore it will come back and bite you in the ass.
It is tit for tat like a...

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I am increasingly annoyed by the state of N4G

News is still to be found and the system does work very well as a news aggregator.

Its the console war that is ruining things. The problem is the console war is making some people money.

N4G carries ads and it wants the flame war commenters traffic. The bloggers that are writing these articles are doing so to generate traffic which gains them money also through ad revenues.

Everyone eats these th...

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I never usually comment much.

However I just have to point out some facts for you to ignore.

With Xbox 360 avatars you can play at least two games I know of:-
Scene it 2
A kingdom for Keflings

In Keflings you actually walk your avatar around and use it as the main game character. In all the mini games in home your avatar is sidelined and you enter the game, most of which are board and puzzle games.

So the first two points in your...

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I have to say I am giving up on getting a key now.

I have tried all the current ones, am sick of signing up for things on broken websites that crash under the traffic. Sick of jumping through hoops. This should have been a demo. The level that was shown at GDC in 2007 should have been a demo for God's sake.

I am officially angry with Sony. There should have been a random lottery of PSN id's given the beta without any fuss. Base it on activity if you need criteria. <...

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I downloaded the Ratchet and Clank: Secret Agent Clank demo the other week. I linked to the psp and copied it across fine and dandy.

I played it, and despite the PSP needing another thumbstick enjoyed the demo.

The problem came when I showed it to my eight year old son, who loves Future tools of destruction on PS3.

He wanted the demo put on his PSP. So i thought, I will copy the demo onto my mac from the PSP and then copy it onto his. Oh no, its protecte...

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Thanks for the sane responses guys. I agree with your assessments, there will be the ability to report dodgy content and it will be removed.
Again, due to the amount of content it will be impossible to do it quickly and efficiently.

My big fears are that Fox news and other tabloid style mainstream outlets will seize pictures of penis land and stick them into the mainstream news, which will only play into the hands of Jack Thomson and his like.

More bad press fo...

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Microsoft want to keep a tight lid on what content is available on live.

They are trying for a safe environment for adults and young children.

For the most part they do a good job. I have an eight year old son who also has an xbox live account. On one several occasions I have taken a game to his hard drive and played it. Microsoft send me an email telling me that he has been playing content inappropriate to his age. This might be a little big brother -ish but If he h...

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"The difference is, Microsoft needs GTAIV, while Sony has Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, and Little Big Planet in the next 6 months."

Most people seem intent on ignoring Sony's habit of hyping games that are still on the drawing board. Killzone 2 is a great example of what I am referring to here.

Killzone2 is rumoured to be coming out in 2009. LBP remains dateless and although very impressive seems to be a level editor in search of it's game....

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