Im weird that way.
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dude..thats end of generation prices.
I think $499 will be the price of PS5. I just don't see how they get to $399 with all the tech in the system.

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You Playstation fans need to grow up. The disagree ratio on some of these comments are ridiculous. Gamepass will be a money saver come 2020 launch. I'm buying Series X and don't necessarily need to spend money buying Microsoft games. That money can go towards some awesome 3p games. Playstation don't have anything like it but these dudes will just say you're cheap gamers.

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But Playstation was already at a 3:1 before the X came out. Did you really expect it to somehow make a dent into Sony lead with a $500 price tag and content nobody really wants.

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as a console gamer, idc.

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you have SHITTY fingers...there I said it.

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how? when they bought the 10 that actually worked.

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whos mad its in last place tho? You guys are the ones screaming it on the net like we give a damn!

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@rdgneoz3, you're obviously not a Xbox gamer saying 2020 is dead til Series X. They actually have a decent lineup of games imo for the first time in awhile.

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I don't buy that excuse. I mean regardless of how powerful he is, other medium have found ways to make him vulnerable. The comics, movies tv shows.. and you're telling me that a game developer still hasn't figured it out. But hey its ok to put him in a fighting game right hahahaha!

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Legendary? I just found out about it! That being said I didn't spend much time playing those arcade games. Looks like a Roblox shooter my daughter plays.

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How is Everwild launch window? it was announced to be early stages of development🤔Facts

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Wheres the damage? They haven't even started making the game yet.....🤣 I like Xbox but the pressure for these devs to deliver for them is F'ing crazy and good luck to them cause they gonna need it.

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Not a fan of the DS controllers tbh but this one looks cool.

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GodFall? Don't make me laugh, that game looked lame!

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Idk how the hell you guys come up with the bullshit. Is there not a picture of the console on the box? Ok......shut the hell up, nobody gonna get confused. Only ones are you guys, get back to the real world. Over.....chhhhhh

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Its not even that big of a deal. Only fanboys will say so. Its a frikkin handheld thats cheaper and more appealing since its Nintendo which kids and moms love and the few men still living with mom in the basement!

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Xbox One XR

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I thought 3 times 6 = 18...but yeahow'd you get 666?

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