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I watched the DF video from before, basically they intentionally stripped 3 channels from the textures (AO, Light maps, and baked reflective mapping) which conflict with it's dynamic lighting solution. (day and night cycles)
naturally you can not have day light textures and AO baked onto a character that will also appear in the night time as well. in this particular game lighting is key to it's day changing system. so ray-tracing will play a much bigger role to this.

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it's not an MMO. 2 days ago this was mentioned.

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in the aspects of this game being unable to run at 60fps ultra on a rtx 2080ti....yeah it does look pretty bad.
a game that looks like this should not be as demanding.

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"Purchase Watch Dogs Legion on PlayStation®4 or Xbox One and upgrade your game to the next-gen version (PlayStation®5 or Xbox Series X) at no additional cost.*"

it applies to both console upgrades.

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probably pc gamers will be waiting for the Samsung 980 PRO which offers 6.5GB/sec.

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UE5 will have built-in next gen support and will likely also have features that will go into the gen after.
also UE4 still has a bunch of features that haven't been used in the current gen that will be seen in the next gen.

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the pc version was recorded at the original preset. not at ultra. so i'm told in the comment section of this video.

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N64 games use to easily go past $70 though.
Killer Instinct, Turok, and Star Fox 64 were $80 when they first came out.

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"It follows the news that NBA 2K21 will be priced at $69.99 on the next consoles, $10 more expensive than it is on the current devices."

but this is nothing new though. remember when GoldenEye and Mischief Makers were $70 as well on the N64?

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it says in the video it's not final. or even close to it. anyways this will be finished way after the next gen consoles have launched. which it will be even better by that time.

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the screens specifically say "captured on ps5".
and that screen is literally 28 seconds into the trailer.
i'm guessing the game looks better in motion?

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@ tech
"I was actually thinking the same about RE8."

I was quite intrigued with RE8 actually but i had no idea it was like this up close.
snow textures and fo...

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Villanelle -
"^ SSD allowed them to make it prettier??!


I'm sure it will account for something.
Still not sure what. For everything else the other components still have a purpose.

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I haven't been up to date with this mmo lately. But I will say normally any crowd funded project can have exclusive rewards to high spending backers. I've seen rewards go for backers that spend anywhere from 15,000 to $45,000. I believe bloodstain ritual also featured rewards for backers of $250,000.

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they are specifically referring to the graphics architecture. RDNA 2.0.
just as the article states - "The AMD RDNA 2 graphics card line will launch this fall, ahead of the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X, which use cards from the same architecture."

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so many gamers offended over Microsoft keeping their console going.
it outlived the Dreamcast and Wii-U. or other devices lasting only 2-3 years.
so in fact it did pretty well.

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i have a feeling gamers don't understand this article correctly. the article is not about holding a console back.
that's only in parity clause cases. which are designed to effect the usage of another consoles maximum capabilities.

the subject is about allowing the platform to have a playable version of a game. which is what developers do regardless when they make playable versions for the Nintendo switch. in which case the nintendo switch has a playable ve...

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so both konami and kojima are not too far apart in what they say. as far as exclusivity.

A silent hill title however ...

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names, location, theology, armor, weapons, combat moves and battle formations was accurate.
Damocles is part of roman theology and literature.

the only thing that is inaccurate in Ryse is story plot and native language.
the roman empire did in fact go to war with Boudica. https://e...

it does look a lot better for sure with the models being completely redone and textures increased. i may even go on to say the character models even exhibit smoother edges and sharper textures than found in sunset overdrive. which was a pretty sturdy launch title. very impressive indeed.

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