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That's not what's causing the framerate issues.

The Seriesx has higher ram bandwidth and high texture throughput among other things it has higher specs on.

PS5 has much higher G...

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I loved PS3 and yes it was hard to program for, the hardware was dumped on devs and told to learn it.

I would say Some devs did a great job. Motorstorm,uncharted, killzone2,3, resistance.

Thing was Cell was a single processor with Spu's to do actually graphical rendering. They added on the Nvidia GPU after it was found it wouldn't be powerful enough.

xbox360 had 3 cores and a GPU, those 3 cores helped it maintain steady framerat...

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I've seen 6.7's and 8's.

While not terrible. Just looks nothing special to me. and also no reason why it's not on a PS4. They will lose a fortune on it.

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Tbh I'm not seeing why it's not on PS4, xboxone was already struggling when it came out, very unpowered and barely scraps along now. PS4 can actually still push out some decent graphics at 1080p tbh. Warzone 2.0 is massive and works well on the old PS4. Also not everyone can get a PS5.

But from looking at the game. looks nothing special, pretty empty, where is the traffic, did they all go home, christmas shopping maybe, it should be busy. Also it's not getting good ...

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Could say the same about dead space, but that game was fantastic.

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Totally agree.

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Motorstorm needs a remake or remaster or a new game.

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I'll bring Killzone 2 into the argument for a second.

It pushed graphics and animations at the expense of framerate. It also had laggy consoles because of the 25-30fps.

If they had developed an engine with 60fps being the target etc, maybe it would have caught on more.

Cod is a twitch shooter and always will be, snappy controls, just like the quake3 engine it came from.

Cod works because it's easy to just ju...

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I don't doubt they could and I actually wish they would put a top team to develop a true FPS.

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Played breath of the wild on PC maxed with some lovely graphics.

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Here's what you do. Don't buy in game crap. It's your fault if you do.

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And yet it had arguably some of the best games on any system.

I do agree though, hard to program for because it was dumped in many programmers laps and told, learn this.

The problem was the single core at the heart. Most systems then were at least dual core. I remember back in the day running a game on my single core processor and my friend had just got a dual core, difference was massive. It was a dirt driving game.

If cell had dual or...

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Totally different games.

But from software does need to upgrade it's story telling, because everything else is perfectly done.

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I just want to ask what the innovation is?

I played the original game and yes this game has better graphics, not night and day in some area's and is a ps4.ps5 game. But God of war should be doing more with it's graphics as it's more a combat area, kind of like Uncharted, story driven with certain area's. It still looks great. But I don't think it does anything better then elden ring except story telling.

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God of War is not the same type of game. It's Pure story with some RPG, Narrative driven, excellent story telling and close quarter combat.

Elden Ring is Much more expansive, has a massive playing area surrounded by enemies and mystery, with I agree a story that is hard to follow and you have to meet certain ppl to get all the information you need. It's a very different type of game. Everything wants to kill youm tons of lore, upgrades, items that serve so many purp...

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I do agree with PS5 needs it's own thing etc.

But when Companies are making said titles for the Switch, even though that is woefully underpowered.

It's like the PC Environment, everyone claims to have the latest and greatest and it's bs.

And also like the PC stuff, there are levels to each setting. PS5 has 60fps plus, higher quality textures, shadows, more particles, fx. etc.

The only other thing is hidi...

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Strange many ppl don't like it, from the loud footsteps to the levelling up. I prefer Battlefield, but 2042 is rubbish tbh. Does not feel like battlefield.

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From what i've seen of the game, it seems it's a hash of many idea's. Some liked it because it was something different.

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It looks improved from what was shown originally. But until it's reviewed and out in the wild, who knows.

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If you make a great game, you don't need microtransactions.

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