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I give up on this site. I know nobody cares, but it's all about money and clicks.

Every type of media is the same now, and instead of coming here to read good articles, it's full of throwaway bait. I'll read Game Informer directly, check Nintendo Life, and get reviews from ACG.

Yes, yes, I know, "Bye, no one will miss you". Beyond caring at all.

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Like Prince of Persia, or Splinter Cell...

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I don't disagree, Rainslacker. This should be the norm across all systems.

No game should be making claims, then asking for people to lay down money up front, while reviews are released in a small window close to launch, then expect better when people complain and ask for refunds.

CD3 is as bad as NMS, as it has been promising innovation for years, and didn't deliver. I get people don't really care because it's on Gamepass, but that's ...

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It's EA, STT... You're going to get f***ed over one way or another, MTs or not.

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I speak French and Spanish, along with a little Scots gaelic too.

Nice of you to continue assuming people's skills though, pal.

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Aye, but we can spell and punctuate much better than you, for some reason.

Funny that.

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I think PS4 and Switch are pretty well balanced in the exclusives front. Big fan of both.

This is just the media spinning for clicks because MS are toppling over with the release of Crackdown 3, and can't pit it against the Sony exclusives.

This year, the media will be pushing Sony vs Nintendo to get that salty rage click money.

Wake up and don't get caught up in their bullshit.

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A game that promises evolution and something wonderously new and unique, then does not deliver, deserves to be punished by reduction of scores.

Spin to sell pre-orders has to have consequences. That's just justice. Consumers need to know they've been duped and the industry needs to get better in this department, not be given a free pass.

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And you're here making comments to flame, instead of playing your fantastic new game...

Oh, well.

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Should have been making good games, and not focusing on customer erosive services and mobile games.

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Yeah... I've bought FFVI, VII and IX multiple times on different systems over the years. I also have backups that work on emulators and handhelds... I don't see why I should have to keep paying for these games every time a new system is released anymore. It's greed, plain and simple. £17 for a Switch copy of IX... No way.

If by any means, my physical copies break, I should still have the right to play them.

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If you really have a problem with the amount of people you have to play with, buy the leading console. That would be just as effective.

No? Didn't think so. This shit doesn't matter in the long run, and judging by the whiny arguments, and console war posturing that goes on here, I don't want it.

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These articles are pointless. You're going to buy a game for your favourite platform, despite any media outlet trying to convince you that you need to buy a new system to play it at it's "best".

It's a game. Developers are hardly going to nerf features from it to make it "play better" on one over the other.

Pixels is pixels is pixels.

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I play stuff like FFRK now and again, but a Diablo game that should have been on PC? Same goes with Alien... These publishers have lost it.

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I'm a Brit, and I don't think so.

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Microsoft: But CD3 is successful, because 3 million people are playing it on Gamepass.


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Sony don't need to be conversed about. We'll leave that to Microsoft's media shills that have been spinning like spiders on a merry go round the past month.

Sony does everything through actions.

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The more socially connected the world has gotten, the more anti-social humans have become.


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Aye, I think I'm blocking it... I was 20 when it came out. Starting to feel old now haha.

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Not without the original code. It would have to be an emulated port for it to work. I'd take it on PS4 as well, but a portable version would be nice.

I have never had a problem with sleep mode so far.

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