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Nah. That's just the way you read it. It has something to do with the way you process information.

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The one thing I know based on this information:

If Titanfall is released on consoles other than Xbone (PS4) it will have better technical specs, the same gameplay. . . And a lower average review score. I'm not sure why it happens that way, but I know for a fact that the trend will continue.

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It'll stop if Titanfall 2 isn't hyped with buzzwords like "Cloud", "Revolutionary", "COD KILLER" and "Framerate King". Titanfall isn't hated for its "exclusivity" alone considering the multiplatform release.

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Anyone who thinks the PS4 has few enjoyable games doesn't like gaming.

It's going to be fun watching the "PS4 has no games!" talk turn into silence. At least the PS3 was behind in total sales for a while. They can't even move the goalposts to that anymore.

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Who has NOT hated them since they joined Microsoft? A studio can only hide behind their name for so long. Rare is lame.

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Last week the battle cry was "It's not the month/week before! It's the month/week AFTER!"

A comparison doesn't look good for Titanfall. Period.

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Find a topic that fits what you're trying to say. This ain't it.

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Hey! It's one of those monitor/keyboard/username tough guys! You tell those OTHER monitor/keyboard/username tough guys how timid and nonsensical they are. You tell them!

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However it works, it doesn't seem to be happening at a single Target between San Fran and San Ysidro. Yes, I did call each Target. Yes, it took a long time. No, I didn't expect to actually find one.

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Maybe this is where reviews will trend now that Xbone has issues with performance. Instead of focusing on graphics and frame rate the reviews will be centered on the games themselves. Titanfall seems to be an above good, but not great, game with issues minor enough to be ignored. Hopefully other games get the same treatment.

HA! Who am I kidding. I'll call it now. Infamous will be marked down for only being 30FPS, having a frame drop here and there and not being a full ga...

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I would hope that any RPG lover hopes for Bravely Default to be on every platform. It's an amazing game.

Oh yeah. Titanfall. We'll know after the first few weeks of sales how good it is. The first sales will say that it was marketed well (it was). The next week will say that initial sales are bringing their friends along. The weeks following will say that the game has real staying power. Lack of content or no. . . If people keep joining the obvious answer is that peop...

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Resolution doesn't matter. . . etc. . . etc. . . etc. If it's good it's good.

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Especially when they rush out to support a product only to have the product die a few years later. Wait. I'm talking about the original Xbox.

Especially when they rush out to support a product only to have the product die a few years later. Wait. I'm talking about the Xbox 360.

Especially when they rush out to support a product only to have the product perform well, but not as well as the competition, and still feel pressed enough to reward people tha...

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You didn't play the beta long enough to come to that conclusion. You started with an expectation and made sure to meet that expectation. Gear and level are one small requirement. Learning the game mechanics and nuances are the only way to succeed in FF:RR.

I do wonder why people make negative statements about things they obviously know nothing of.

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The sad part... Nvidia has nothing to do with this generation consoles. If someone has "proof" of this working from ATI the discussion can move forward logically.

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I know that Ryse and Deadrising came from the 360 a year or two earlier, but I suppose that since they switched them to Xbone we could pretend that they were new, unannounced games. Forza 5, Forza 6, Forza 7, etc. . . We know they are coming. Not much of a reveal is necessary.

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"I played FF14 since start and got my relic wep! but after that the game is boring.. I mean the end game boss has same gear as vendor's... I can only agree with you there!"

That statement makes no sense. What is "the" endgame boss? What gear does that boss drop that you can get from a vendor?

Enjoy WoW all you want. Don't lie about other games. Keep the fanboy stuff to the console war.

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He linked his account to the PS4 version is all. He sleeps like the rest of us.

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You guys are REALLY bad at video games. Also. . . There is a very annoying pop up whenever something new happens in the game. It pops directly in the middle of the screen. You can choose to ignore it and wonder why you don't know things, or you can read it and learn. You can also choose to ignore it initially, but then look through them at a later time via the menu.

Sometimes you "gamers" scare me. . .

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Then you have racist, inferior, insecure ears.

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