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@marlinfan10 "180k people is a decent sample size, what are you guys talking about?

i remember a few months ago there was a 6000 person online survey saying ps4 would do better in china and i got down voted like crazy for saying that was too small, yet 180k actual purchase receipts aren't enough? funny how that works...."

It's closer to 1,500. The 180k people were just receipts, not console receipts. Check the website again.

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"Radler, you are 100% correct, which is why I assume you were very upset at Driveclub being the wreck it was too."

Sony too, huh? I remember a time when Halo was THE console FPS. Now people are comparing Driveclub, a brand new game made by a studio with limited comparable online/multiplayer experience, to Halo. I wonder if the Playstation brand would suffer without Driveclub. I know that the Xbox brand would suffer without Halo, seeing as how Halo is the main reason...

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King Mattrick left and King Spencer took over? I doubt that either of them had free reign to do whatever they wanted to do with Xbox. Neither deserve sole credit for anything. Spencer had a voice even when Mattrick was there.

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When you're losing 11-0 and you score .75 you haven't come back. Xbone has been "turned around" in a sense, but a comeback is a very long way off.

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The strange thing is that the most common examples of 900p versus 1080p are multiplatform games. What is this "graphics or gameplay" conversation talking about? The majority of games released have the same exact gameplay.

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How would Microsoft buy Sony's developers from Sony?

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You showed partial data (if the data you showed is even accurate). NPD doesn't track the world. The PS4 has doubled the Xbone. . . world wide.

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Not that he could tell anyone that it hurt. His mis-reading of the numbers took up all of his voice time.

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I love that one Kinect game for the X360. I think it was called Ryse. It really showed how powerful the X360 was. Do you remember that one, candoa? It was awesome for Kinect on the X360. Right, candoa?

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There you go, ABizzel1. They never had a price drop. They just charged less for the console with a different feature set. Did you know that the PS3 never had an price drop? They just charged less for the console with a different feature set.

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Do not assume that I am uninformed. I know that Xbone has announced games. I also know that announced doesn't mean on the way. Announced does not explain lack of new IPs. Until they are released, and they were not released before this conversation, they are not new IPs.

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When can you play these "in the works" games? Will they be "in the works" for Xbone like Ryse was "in the works" for 360 and Kinect?

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No. It's like saying that all white, male video game protagonists look alike. Racist toward that specific, imaginary demographic.

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Hyperbolic terms used to label a game that was bought and enjoyed by millions is childish. You may not have enjoyed AC4, but your label of the game you didn't enjoy is childish. Opinions can be childish.

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What shloobmm3 pointed out is that the install base is not the issue. The Xbox One has a smaller install base, but sells more of the particular game by 700k. WiiU owners show, by sales, that mature games are not a focus for them.

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They are BARELY feeding them. Have you missed all of the suicides related to those sweatshops?

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So the game has two features. Cars. Weather. Is that what he's saying when he says "half of those features..."?

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Not only are they not reading the article, but they're missing every single comment on the way to Crazytown. Nothing says "WTF?!" like the people rushing to enjoy a failure that never happened.

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Jumped to conclusions? LOL!!! What you did was jump to "I don't even know how to spell conclusions so what ever I am jumping to is WAY beyond that!"

The insider may have been wrong, but your feelings on the matter have far less importance. Less than 50k sales and you thought it may have been correct AND felt validated. Wow.

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No. He's Playstation.

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