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I get what you're saying, but theoretically, if the Forza Horizon games are SO good, best of the genre, then why do they repeatedly fail to outsell the competition? Or even come close?

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YES. I can't wait for them to make something that's not a damn racing game lmao.

They're such talented devs that I think an rpg would be fantastic. A Fable game from Playground would be top notch

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To be fair though, GTA 5 had tons of Singleplayer content to start with.

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That's pretty hilarious, because Nintendo owns the Quartz crisis,

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It plays what I want to play. If I wanted to play with a DS4, then i would rather just have a remaster, tbh...

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Okay, but you wanna bet on who is gonna sell better?

I guarantee you won't 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

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Idk, claiming to be a new age feminist would make you crazy, but becoming a "men's rights" activist would just make you a cringey-ass neckbeard.

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She's awful and she makes Lara craft into a terrible character. Her accent is atrocious, she's annoying, it just doesn't work for me.

I don't want to come off as sexist, but i picture Lara croft as "sexy".

This girls Lara is NOT sexy. She's f'ing annoying.

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That's the thing about hype.

Just look at Destiny, Watch Dogs, etc...

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It's probably never gonna happen, but just imagine a modern Rockstar* Agent for Ps4.

It would blow minds.

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I think people shut up about that after Rise failed to top Uncharted 4

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I wanted to like the new Tomb Raider, but it's just turned into the bargain-bin version of Uncharted.

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Without a doubt. Other devs may try to say that their games are better, but they'll never say that their animations, or writing, or attention to detail is better.

ND is top-notch in those fields, and I would love to hear otherwise.

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I wouldn't call UC4 a "masterpiece", but it's definitely better than the tomb raider games.

I loved UC4, the gameplay and story are incredible, but UC2 and UC3 just clicked with me more.

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Xbox is already heading in that direction.

As soon as the Xbox exclusives started to decrease in sales, they brought them all to PC and now we have crap like Gamepass.

Xbox definitely isn't failing, but they're definitely not succeeding in the console space like Sony is.

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The One X has almost nothing as far as exclusives go. The only reason to buy one is for slightly higher res on SOME games.

Whereas the Ps4 actually has system seller exclusives.

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