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This will most likely be an M2 (which is just a more modern form of SSD) to keep the heat and silicon footprint low.

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You’re living in a fantasy world if you think you’re going to get 4K and all the bells and whistles with 6TF. I barely get that on an i7/1080TI.

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"Most fans...." are not disappointed; they're the silent majority that have the Pro at #1 on Amazon and other retailers. The only whiners are sad, sad console warriors--you can guess which side.

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People sorely underestimate the benefit of launching first, too. The 360s entire trajectory was determined by its early launch over the PS3. No one wants to wait a year for the promise of more power. That's absurd. Consumer demand and markets don't work that way. Only the most dedicated fanboys will hold their breath that long.

PS4 Pro is gonna sell like hotcakes. Still, it's funny to see the faithful console warriors showing their true colors at the first sign ...

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Don't think we need Pachter or a soothsayer to tell us that the box that's out first, for almost a year on the market (Neo) will perform better. 6TF is pie in the sky marketing drivel at the moment. There's no Scorpio of which to speak, just a weird video about "flawless pixels" and whatever other nonsense we saw at E3. I'll still pick up a Scorpio to play PC ports if it turns out to be a half-decent box. But it's so far away that making assertions upon what is f...

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I've been burned out on them for over a decade now. I never understood games like Destiny, either, where you spend so much time "glamouring" and playing dress-up with your character, just so that you can stare at their gloves for 99% of your playtime. (You can run around with swords, and you have glimpses of your coolness with certain super abilities, I know.)

3rd person all the way for me.

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Why not just get a cheap 2-5 TB laptop drive off Amazon and take the 5 minutes to swap the HDD? That option has been available since day one. It's also going to cost less than a portable drive, and if you want to bring your games with you, just bring the PS4.

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It's still just an estimate, since we don't know how many they've shipped or if (which everyone assumes) they're using the "shipped to retailers=sold" measurement.

Either way, the sales trajectory ain't good. And with how front loaded X1 was in US/ UK, it will only slow down.

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Or Demon's Souls 2. I'd rather have that. A pure, dark-fantasy romp.

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And yet they refuse to implement proper matchmaking and social tools (LFG) in the actual game, which would solve 99% of these issues.

Bungie are their own worst enemy. Love the game, but the developers and strategic planners are utterly clueless.

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I guess if he just keeps saying completely opposite statements in each interview he gives, he can never be wrong.

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The media streaming app remains fully functional. Chicken-Littling at its finest.

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Guess you and MS missed the Tokyo Game Show? Which was like 100% PlayStation (and mobile). I mean, if you bury your head in the sand you can't see much. PS gets Dragon Quest, Tales, Disgea and a tonne more Eastern games this holiday. That's in addition to being the best platform on which to play multiplats.

This PS4 has no games/ worse games is the lamest kind of hyperbole. It has the most games of any current generation console on the market. Whether you like those g...

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He's a terrible player, too. Like overly spastic and timid. Couldn't finish watching the video.

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I just platinumed BB, and it was the first souls game where I didn't stick around for new game+ (since nothing changes). The melee only play style really grated on me after a while. None of the trophies were particularly hard or time consuming to get, either. It was a strange game for me, since I loved the atmosphere soooo much, but this leet gameplay that everyone kept talking about just felt like what we're getting from DS3 with a melee character.

Oh and coop and PV...

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I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Sony has been out of the red for several quarters now.

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I can't pity someone who has everything in the world. If he's depressed, it's not as if he couldn't afford/ arrange for counselling with the best shrink of our generation (whoever that might be).

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"It’s not to say those games could never come to Windows..." Why not take 5s to read the article? It's a non-emphatic statement filled with vagaries and guesswork. They won't come AT LAUNCH. Sounds as if what happens thereafter is still in question, and MS (just like Capcom/ SE/ Namco) isn't dumb enough to cannibalize sales on their console versions until they're out in the wild for while.

To be fair, the flamebait title doesn't help matters.

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Beware ye unbeliever! Power of the cloud! Crackdown is proof of supercomputer like prowess! X1 is Skynet! MOAR SECRET SAUCE POURED ON THE GPU! DBZ levels rising! It's become sentient! Save us John Connor!


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A bunch of Phil-Spencer worshipers were ranting for a while about DX12 secret-sauce somehow compensating for actual hardware grunt. Other than those folks, the rest of us here in reality knew this would be the case.

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