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i never played them on the ps2

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it makes sense to release it on the xbox one due to the third one coming in. however i will prob get it on my ps4 all 3.5 games if they do it

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thats the trick. force them into the talk. thanks to youtube, and twitch and other outlets a person can call out said "gaming journalists". force them into a corner so to speak by using evidence, and information to force them out into talking. the trick is not to insult them or threaten them. make them ruin themselves. make them have to defend themselves.

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here is the thing, gamergate just like most communities on the internet have huge trolls. these trolls give the gamergate group a bad name. I believe there should be a separate movement with a face. where the make an effort to talk to those who bash the hobby of gaming, and those who take the hobby in a wrong way. honestly there are times where its hard to say im proud to be a gamer when you have idiots either using games as an excuse to justify their illegal actions, or those who take what t...

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couldnt ms force sony to pay for the copies downloaded for free?

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I'd lean more towards the consumer forcing Microsoft to change.

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those would be expansions. i dont see that as a bad thing.

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where do you see that in the game? im in the alpha and armor and guns have to be bought with in game money not your money. you have to level and farm glimmer, or pvp points to get armor and guns.
At most they may allow micro transactions for the lazy, or the casual gamer but i dont see where you pull dlc micro purchase fest

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yea i kinda regret getting infamous ss. day one. traded it in a month after beating it cause there was nothing left to do in the game.

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its not really. very repetitive and lots of micro transactions

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I look forward to E3. i want some action adventure RPG type games. can be third or fourth person, and for the hell of it use kinect for facial mapping. i want a world twice the size of skyrim, little to no load times, and characters as fun as mass effect's cast. graphics can be realistic or cartoony as long as gameplay is top notch.

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could mean a lot of things. As we do not know why they left it would be mere conjecture on our part. however i wonder how much actual talent is left?if i remember correctly a good amount of talent either stayed at 343 or came back to 343. maybe the ties with activison are not as tight as previously thought.

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I bought mine at launch no regrets, i bought the ps3 in feb. both are great systems, however the xbox one is my main system. didnt like killzone, and as much as i loved Infamous it felt quick with little re-playability. im waiting on Destiny, and other games to get on the ps4. i dont really wanna get watchdogs and i see very little else coming out that strikes my fancy. maybe Diablo 3. Both systems are great i say get the one if you want, but wait till after E3 in case of a price drop and as ...

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i liked the game but i am having trouble even wanting to play it again. while the graphics were great and game play solid i felt like it was a guided path into an empty room once you finished it.I partially regret buying it so soon due to the fact that i feel like it lacked content. no after story stuff, and no more fun.

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is there going to be dlc? or is this it?

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i agree with ya clown. this site has people who will pick through the crappiest article to hopefully prove that their way of thinking is either the right way, or relevant.

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i want the error code CE-34878-0 to disappear it scared the heck out of me cause i just set up the ps4 downloaded "dont starve" and it kept popping up. found out how to fix it, and now it works, but thats not a good thing to see 45 minutes after hooking up a brand new system

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or just had two or three bucks laying around. if people want to waste money let them

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barely. who is it targeted to? i see a very small market available for the steam machines. i doubt it would sway people from sony or microsoft or even nintendo. heck i barely see it swaying the pc crowd. why would the pc people buy one when they have their own build?

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this is n4g. there is hardly any sense here.

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