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I'm assuming he means that it's easier and faster to delete game and install it again with the disc isntead of downloading the game again?! Not sure though...

The problem is that even if you install a game from the disc you will still have to download the patches that are sometimes well over 10GB...

But the amount of space the use on the PS5 is the same no matter if digital or physical... The game has to be on the hdd otherwise it would be way to ...

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I have two small kids, a wife and a job. I can still find 1-2 hours per week to play this amazing game.

This game is so much more interesting than any other game that came out in past few years. Yes I loved God of War and Sekiro but this game is just different and has awoken my interest. Thank you Kojima!

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Xbox is tailor made for US-Culture, it's where it was born and where it's most supporters live. This is not a surprise at all.

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I loved playing FIFA when you could load your won face in the game and be the Pro. It was amazing, they should have made a story (like the journey) with your own Pro. I don't know why the hell they didn't think about that...

Also as long as FUT is earning them money they don't need to innovate. Just small updates are enough, because every year everything resets for FUT-Players...

FUT should be maybe a standalone game, only then I could see FIF...

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Even if it's garbage, it still has good (exclusive) games and that's why I have a Playstation, if I would want the best graphics I would buy a PC... I want good games even if they aren't looking as good as on the competition...

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SJW? Come on, you don't even know what you are talking about... Is it because you are afraid of strong female characters? Do you feel intimidated by them?

Lara Croft was already in the first game a strong female character so your comment doesn't make any sense at all. But hey I don't expect much from people like you...

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Are you serious? That's happening in almost every freaking FPS that is already released. I wouldn't even call that a glitch... Don't waste your time and don't visit their site, it's just a clickbait.

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So where do you find the time to play all these games? Since they are free for you, you won't value any of them, it's just a collection for you to brag about but that's it...

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I actually like this, no more splitting up the community! But obviously there's gonna be loot boxes and micro transactions. If they are just cosmetic I'm totally fine with this.

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Will the PS trophies show that the same amount of people are playing the SP:

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No one is comparing it to any of these games... Even if it only costs $30 we still deserve to get a stable experience. I don't expect it to be be bug free but this is nuts. It's crazy that you are trying to defend this! This will become the new standard if we don't vote with our wallets. Don't justify a bad game with fanboyism.

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So are you a shareholder or a gamer? As a gamer you should be disappointed that Activision is just looking to maximize profit... I get it they need to earn money, but at least give us a good and complete experience! Ripping out the single player campaign and adding a few maps and battle royale mode is just a rip off. they are still charging the same amount for the game but they didn't need to spend nearly as much to complete the game. (No actors, no writers, no motion captions etc.)

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No economic value... yeah right, but there are tons of sites where you can trade gut coins against real money... Yes we get the specified amount of cards per pack but obviously not every pack is equal in worth.

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They are actually still working on this game?

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Wow that's impressive!

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What an idiot you are... Blind fellowship...

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It also explains all these late minute goals from the CPU. You literally can't defend these attacks, it's like they are getting a boost and you can't keep up with them.

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What? They sold exactly as many consoles as Sony, in what world is that a success??? If you release a new console, you should sell more than the competition...

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I would have bought a Playstation even if it would be only as powerful as a Switch. It's about games not about power. XBOX has not a single game I want to play... This is the order I would buy my consoles, Playstation, Switch, Xbox. I don't care if it's the most powerful console if it hasn't the games I want to play. But at least you fanboys have a reason to be proud now. Most powerful console... I'm happy for you.

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