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I also agree with you Shadowaste.


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Like you honestly have any clue what you're talking about?

How much experience do you have with "From Software"?

How many games have you helped develop?

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I'm all for the brotherly love. But this article doesn't have anything to do with him. I understand the feeling, but you don't just walk into someone's birthday party talking about someone who just died. The same way you wouldn't go to a gym and just start randomly talking about minecraft to people you see. Heheheh.

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I agree with you to some extent....

I understand you like it fun and arcadey. It isn't always great to play something realistic.

As far as that goes.... GT5 is the most realistic, making it for most people... the least fun... because most people aren't part of the GT world.

I prefer GT5 because I just like it real. you know those people that play games and move the controller around when they play? Well, my first time playing GT5...

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I'm sorry guys, I kind of agree with him. RAGE had massive hype.

It's a good game, but I definitely wouldn't give it top scores. And how can it be "underrated"? Tons of websites gave near perfect score.

I just didn't feel connected to the character.

******EARLY SPOILER*******
******EARLY SPOILER*******
******EARLY SPOILER*******

1. You survive.
2. Someone rescues you.

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I thought that was old and was updated now. I'm pretty sure there's much more foliage in that area now.

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I believe as much as you ATi!!!!

Now, to someone that doesn't know much about ID, this is how you sound. You shouldn't be "flaming" others for "flaming" someone else that rightfully bought it.

ID will fix this, I'm sure. Sit tight and be patient, it's only been a day or two since release.


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Although I completely understand and agree with what you've said, I don't believe it warrants a nerd "RAGE".

But yes, it does feel a tad boring.

My textures have no pop up at all though, 0% unless I'm staring at a wall and turn around 180 degrees as fast as I can. Then I'll notice a 250ms or so texture pop.

I think it's worth the money but I wouldn't give it 9's.

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I'm playing through rage right now (PC) and I've got to say the graphics are very nice. But on the other hand, there are a lot of textures that just look right out ugly.

Take for instance the very first town. When you arrive in the buggy with the town leader take a look at the pipes in front of the buggy where he parks it.

And as for Story, I really don't feel that connected with my character. Unlike fallout. That's what I really wished...

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Yeah, he might have been your favorite character and this could be upsetting for you. I would be extremely upset to if he's my main character that I spent most of my time practicing on.

But, in all things fair, I have to say.... if a character tends to be OP then he's gotta be dealt with. Maybe they should somehow added a patch that dealt with his moveset. Although I'm not sure if that's possible or not.

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Meetajhu, I don't understand the "RAGE". He clearly states "walkthrough" that means, you get to see everything through the game because its "step by step". Why is he an asshole? What makes you any better? In fact, I think it's quite the opposite.

This isn't like the one line spoilers that people were tricked into reading the ending of games like GeoW3 or heavy rain.

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Well, I didn't read the article but I know what they're talking about because one of my friends spoke of it a few days ago. It's good knowing that they're not as many asteroids capable of causing an apocalypse crash.

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Of course you would say that.

I mean, if you work for the website, why wouldn't you?

I mean, agreeing with yourself is the new hotness of N4G.

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I'm happy that a lot of people liked Alan Wake, but I just couldn't get into it. I think I'm spoiled by better showing of facial emotion and it really just turned me off.

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I'm about to go Dick Cheney on someone's ass!

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If someone steals something from you, and then does it again, what do you assume they do or try to do the 3rd time?

Yeah, maybe he didn't read the article but, he's almost got a point.

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Notice he said fans and not fanatics. :)

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Hate me if you want, but I like it. Actually, this looks pretty smooth.

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Are you even paying attention to anything besides it's about Crysis? They're saying the current build has more foliage than the current builds shown on youtube.

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I'll never buy second hand. I support developers. I only buy second hand what can't be bought in stores anymore.

Buying second hand doesn't support developers.

Prove it wrong.

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