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Well.... you're replying to -Mezzo- with a comment saying "no shit". Which is usually implied to as being a harsh negative comment such as "dumb ass".

If you would have made your comment not into replying to -Mezzo- and to the article itself or just rephrased it to not look so negative. There would be no reason for someone saying you're a douche.

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Actually, the real thing that gotgame1985 should be talking about is that even though you live in a trailer doesn't mean you deserve to live in a trailer.

Not everyone has a nice start in life. I once lived in a trailer but now I live and work in China. I've got a dance and an English school here.

There were days back when my mom and dad were getting divorced that we only had money to eat potted meat sandwiches. I worked my ass of for a few years, w...

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I would assume it's a commercial.


For the game.

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It is possible but you gotta thank Star Wars was so revolutionary at it's time. It's going to be pretty hard to make something that big when it was so well excepted by the majority of the world that had access to entertainment.

I mean, I don't think I could get my dad or mom into ME.

But you're right, if Bioware can continue to push it, it might get some nice attention later on.

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Honestly, I wouldn't doubt it. But I would hope that someone around there would be smart enough to understand the real reason behind the low sells.

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If the other units had the games that the PS2 had but with better graphics, the story wouldn't be the same way.

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Actually, there's and S on the back of that thousand.

Make that at least 1,980 of those being multiplayer.

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There are many different kinds of art styles in anime.

But I can understand if you don't like the look in general I guess. But take a look at Ni no Kuni.

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I can't view youtube at the moment so I'm not sure but....

If it doesn't have those kick ass cartoon scenes. I don't want it.

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Looks FF online inspired.

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As someone said earlier, GT suffers from King Syndrome. It's highly criticized for it's status.

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I really wouldn't say they're repetitive. Find different ways to initiate, escape, and single out enemies it's quite fun actually.

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Yeah, superman does need a good one but.....

How many mechanics can be involved in a superman game?

Batman has tons of different gadgets and a nice free flow combo system.

I mean, I'm sure they can come up with something but let's not hope that it could come close to batman... it might set your hopes up too high.

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Yeah, I'm not sure what they're aiming at here....

Arkham City is coming out and Infamous was pretty good as well....

Of course it could just be the title trying to catch you off guard to praise arkham city but I take titles as I see them. Flame bait? I'll just not click.

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Ohhh how the mighty has fallen!

17. Final Fantasy Versus XIII (PS3)

I really wish square would get it together.

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I was head over heels when I played kingdom hearts 1. But when all the spin offs started happening.... I lost myself and part of my kingdom hearts pride. I just don't feel attached.... :(

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Do not insult all of the ps3 fans for his "redundancy". He is just a troll.

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You do know that it's handheld so you can take it with you? Let's see you take a PS3 with a 47" to 52" or even 58" TV on the road with you.

I don't stay in my house all day. I go to work, I go to my friend's house. I go to visit relatives.

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That's your choice to buy it preowned.

I support developers. I don't mind the pass. All my games are new.

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Since when does brutality have anything directly to do with police? It's a crime in my eyes.

Since when does dog fighting have anything to do with Football?

You need to open your eyes.

I can't believe I got 9 disagrees for stating that someone that doesn't know about a particular thing can judge it.

And for all that didn't know, my reply was to the guy with 2 agrees, 37 disagrees and counting.

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