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That's the worst kind of gain. Losing something to get something. I'm sorry for the children that will grow up without their real mother. Sorry for the husband who lost a wife and sorry to the mother who won't get to grow old with her children.

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I'm not sure why they would disagree about it taking less time.

I mean, it's better than making a game from scratch. You have a story, you have basic character, setting, and atmosphere models already made from the original. It would definitely take less time to make than any other from scratch game that can keep you busy for that amount of time.

But I can see how they would disagree about "all they have to do".

They still ...

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I agree, I mean, they don't have to necessarily add "cheats" but unlockable things for skins/weird effects makes the 2nd play through interesting.

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Wait, you guys are talking about prices of hardware but MaideninBlack clearly said software price.

Should be the same as now, I don't think they will increase it very much, if any.

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Wait, I'm sorry to be picky... but...

Did you just say, but I think GTA is just a slight edgier because the world is so alive and it's filled with people and "cars" and you can steal things, who doesn't like to steal things?

So Skyrim isn't full of people and you can't steal things?

I mean, yeah, once you kill them they don't come back but still.....

I don't think that's a very good reas...

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I'm not trying to put anyone down or anything but I don't think Kojima needs any website or people trying to tell him what he needs to do with MGS.

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I agree with you Black. They should make some kind of queuing so there aren't anymore incidents involving trampling.

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You act like sony is lying about import/export taxes.

At least it's not as bad as China and cars. I mean, paying 80 more for a console sounds like a lot. But if you import a car from any place but China you're supposed to be 50% of the value of the car as tax. That's why if you see a BMW 7 series here, you should know they're filthy rich.

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Well Army, I completely understand what you're saying. But if you want something like Shift 2 later on, then I suggest you buy Shift 3.

I'm not sure if Kaz will ever change GT from simulation to anything else.

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If people read this far down, just to let you know.

NVIDIA has beta drivers out now that fixes almost all the problems with cards around the 560ti.

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Wow, yeah, I just tried it and it looks much better.

Well I mean, it still looks like MW3 but it's a pretty big improvement in some parts.

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I've almost got used to it. Every game on metacritic will have atleast one hundred 0's.

Check it~

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I'm putting Ni no Kuni up there with FFVS13 man.

I can't wait.

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Well I'll be honest with you. In Asia people really love MW3 over COD.

My friend was talking and he said....

"Hey man, BF3 will be out soon. I want to play it."

Compared to...

"MW3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I'm not sure why he's so happy about it but it's clear that CoD has at least China under control.

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How does that line go......

"Whatever you're smoking, I want some!"

And I don't even smoke.

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Yeah, they're just trying to please the asian audience as much as they can. Even though it seems to be making it worse for them too.

Pandaren, take off panda and you got ren which means people in Chinese. ren = 人 = people

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Ok, I need to say one thing....

A few months ago, I wanted to buy microsoft points.... so I called a friend that could buy me some. (You can't just buy the points in China unless you pay about 1.5x their worth.)

He said he would buy me some for about the same price.

He asked for my username and password and I gave it to him.

He called me a few minutes later asking for my email and some other small things.

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Which is exactly why I'm getting tired of these articles. Don't get me wrong.... I love GTA. And I'm so glad they gave us something and speculation is swarming like angry bees.

But they just keep going on and on. lol

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Rashid, I dunno man. I couldn't get over the facial expressions in Alan Wake. But for those of you that enjoyed it, please don't hate me. It's great it has some followers.

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Controller maybe? lol

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