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The only franchise that was truly stolen there was Final Fantasy. All the rest were just waiting. The one's taking by MS I mean.

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I really do think that the psp version would have been better with career mode.

But regardless, you're still looking at the current best racing game on any hand held system.

It's simply beautiful.

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People need to stop whining about this!

It's called a timed exclusive! That's what happens!

I'm sure that when Microsoft took FF13 that some of it was paid for by Sony, somewhere. (although MS probably paid a hell of a lot to take it)

Anyway, if you want to talk about that stuff, you might as well start bringing up ninja gaiden sigma and sigma 2.

Really, now, then.

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Nah, really, both of those would be nice guys.

But I would really like to see a new IP.

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AND THE WINNER IS!!!!!!!! .......oh... wow.. sorry, I meant loser.

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Can't find a place to put something that's only 12 inches tall in your room?

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Child abducted after wandering away from the parent trying to catch a snitkloreon. Police believe the abducter to be a hacker that placed the snitkloreon directly into his vehicle and drove away after the child jumped inside.

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Not to be a hater of really such a great idea but.....

I can already see in the headlines....

Child ran over by car while trying to catch invisible monsters running in the middle of the road.....

Funny and not funny at the same time.

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I actually like the ps3 version better but just because of the lighting.

To me, this game feels like an "Arcade" style game. Bright colors, flashy cars, great surroundings. It just seems like bright colors makes it more appealing.

Anyway, it's almost even. I just like the brighter lighting better.

Again, just my opinion.

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Well, I've had Demon's Souls for about.... what.... five months? I played it so hardcore with my friend for about a month and got a lot of work done.

The only problem that I have with the game is the trophy's.

Upgrade this weapon to max.
Upgrade this other weapon to max.
Then upgrade this weapon to max.
After that upgrade this weapon to max.
When completing this, upgrade the next weapon to max.

Ahhhh..... that was a little bit agg...

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From Software and Sony continue to cater to the hardcore!

This is a day one buy for me.

I hope they will include english on the Japanese hahah!

Blu Ray is big enough!

(Little Big Planet did.)

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The pages name is 3d.

You don't think it will have anything to do with 3d in games?

They've been talking an awful a lot about that recently.

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Who wrote this article? Only to bash EA yeah? I agree with bashing EA, but there are many simple reasons why people buy the new game every year.

#1 as mentioned below, improved AI. Things can always get worse, but they can always get better.

#2 New characters. Who doesn't want to play with your favorite new star? lol. This isn't golf where tiger woods is proclaimed king for life. There is always a new shining star.

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The only thought that passed through my mind is that...... "Who doesn't know what the ps3 slim is now?"

I mean..... I bet my mom and dad even knows, even though I haven't talked to them about games for at least 4 years (since i moved to Shanghai).

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And I'll tell you why there's so much hate.

Because Turn 10 is trying to make it seem like this game is a step higher than all the rest, and I'm not talking about a baby step, I'm talking about one of those steps like Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon.


I admit, I'm a GT fanboy, kinda.....

But I'm not going to say that GT5 super pwnzors all other racing games. Simply because everyone has their likes and disl...

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Actually, I don't know what's funny.

The idea of me dreaming last night walking into a gamespot store and seeing forza on the tv playing off ps3, or that I'm not even in America now so it's strange why I would dream about being back in the states walking into a gamestop and having some black guy standing there laughing at me saying how they wished it was an xbox exclusive.

Anyway, I know it's exclusive, still makes it funny to me though. haha.

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I hate to say it again.... (i didn't say it on N4G yet so stop checking my posts) but..... from the first time I seen Forza, it just doesn't look real to me. Kinda like a anime with 3d animation inside(appleseed). You can easily tell the difference.

Forza will not live up to the hype. It will be fun, and it will have good things. But it's off set by all the hype by turn10. I mean.... it is the... "definitive racing game of this gen" or... is it?

Can the...

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If you go to Xujiahui, the electronics super area, you can find blu ray movies for sell. I'm not saying I've seen anyone buying them..... because I'm not gonna sit and wait for someone, but they are there.

And if you really wanted to compare sells, it will be like bluray+CBHD combined at a 1:5000 ratio with regular fake dvd's.

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Those ground textures look HORRIBLE.....


EDIT : In the outside fight.

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Guys, don't believe this shiz!

I live in China and I've been around to a lot of families homes. I haven't seen a single HD DVD player or movie.

In fact, they may only be comparing HK. Nobody buys real DVD's here anyway. And I went out looking yesterday for CBHD movies and I couldn't find any.

HD DVD will never be successful. And btw..... secretly.... the uhh... blu ray movies are much cheaper to make now.... kind of like pearls.....

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