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I think this will be the "earthbound" of this gen.

I hope it can fill those shoes.

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This game kind of ranks higher than any game that I've purchased this gen as a day one purchase.

One of my favorite games of all time.

I also hope we can get some screenshots.

As for it being just a remaster, I heard it isn't. I saw a post somewhere before where they answered that it was not just going to be a remaster but indeed a remake. How far will they go with the words "remake" I'm not sure. But that's wh...

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Processing power will no longer be an issue and straight emulation will suffice.

I don't imagine the ps4 to have any trouble playing ps2 games with fully supported drivers.

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Wow, I'm not sure if I'm the only that doesn't know this. But did you know you could click on the website it comes from below "Read full story >>" and rate it? I feel like an idiot, I really hope I wasn't the only one.

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I really gotta ask this question because I'm completely oblivious to the marketing in America because I've been living in Shanghai for the past 5 years.

Do people know about the Vita? What it's capable of? And what hardware around it's capability regularly costs?

I'm dead honest with these questions, I have no clue.

Here in China, children love the psp/ipad. But when I tell them that the PSP2 just came out in Japan. ...

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Dead Space is "THE" survival horror game of this gen. Regardless of it being action based.

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You didn't find the graphics compelling?

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Just to clear it up so if there is still confusion on what people are saying.

Venox, go a head and dictionary the word avatar. This will provide you with your answer. He's talking about the noun not the name of the avatar movie.

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Blaze, why are you always so negative?

He could be talking about Nolan North "winning".

Have you thought about it that way?

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Heartnet, you may be right. But you can understand his meaning right?

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Names of games and posts where they were considered "game breaking" please.

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Way to promote your own website. lolol

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Not only because of the meme but because there's only 1 per page. My head is full of ***k.

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The cocking was definitely what triggered the infected to attack. You could see his face and hear the infected change right when he did it.

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Looked through the comments and someone pointed ohio and they won. This could point out a year



Looks like the last time they won was in 1980, it seems like the banners are just re-issued banners to show their past wins.


Check out the banner ...

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Well, there's so many people demanding multiplayer to not just be "slapped on" and actually be part of the game. Whereas you guys don't want it at all. It's quite a conundrum.

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dboyc310, prices on production of things related to what's needed in the PS4 have dropped dramatically. There's no more severe R&D, more efficient production, and cheaper supplies.
We will have a jump just as much as the ps2 to ps3 without half the cost because most of it was funded during the making of the ps3. (R&D) That's why it was $600.

But no, I disagree with you. The last of us will start with PS3 and and continue on to the PS4 in it'...

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If you see no relation to this and minecraft then you'll need to take another look. I mean sure, it's not identical, but did the article say so?

A. You scavenge and build during the day.
B. Monsters come out to attack at night.
C. Crafting for sure.

Is minecraft famous for anything else other than the "box" format?

Anyway, I think the article is stupid as well quite simply because it's easier to play ...

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You're almost right!

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I think the better question is.... what happened to IGN? They've become nothing but a flamebait website. WTF

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