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MS probably wants to make good with Square Enix.

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Wait.... let me get this straight iamnsuperman....

Unreal engine 4 is running on nonexistent systems?

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You sunk their battleship!

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The movie didn't put me off enough to say "sucked ass".

But it's just an opinion.

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They should start with something at least. It seems Sony's downfall has always been late advertising or not enough. They should learn 1 thing from Microsoft. Shoving advertisements down peoples throats does work.

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I was going to same the same exact thing Bathy.

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I can understand your feeling towards the "where is my white history month?". If you took slavery out of the picture, would this month still exist? And if slavery didn't exist, and America still had a black history month, then shouldn't there be days for other races?

Is it because slavery is still an issue today? Do people still openly taunt this horrid past?

Now that I've got that out of the way, I need to say this.


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@your exclusives comment.

So what you're trying to point out is that even though the ps3 has so many great exclusives it doesn't make a difference in console sales right? Sounds like sheep to me.

All aboard the Kinect train.

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Of course the PC will be the best if you're willing to shell out the cash but Sony won't need to invest half of what it did last gen because the R&D is being reused. They'll stick with the Cell and will make something much more powerful without half the costs.

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I really don't know why but I just feel it's all cliched. I don't know why, I just got this huge corny feeling when I watched it.

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Actually, I'm mistaken. He's SCEI president.

Jack Tretton is SCEA.

Hiroshi Kawano is SCEJ.

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It won't matter much if SOPA is passed. Wouldn't be able to put it online anywhere.

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Through all the glitches... through all the trouble...

I find this game to be amazing. I guess the story just pulls me in and a ride the wave. I just hit 50 two days ago and I hope it doesn't stop there.

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I don't care about this honestly, so I could be wrong by a few years or so but....

What about Red Dead Revolver? The first Red Dead. Didn't it come out before Blood Stone and Conviction?

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Was it confirmed before this video that there will be choices to make in the game which will have different consequences?

Sounds good to me.

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I would like to have fun playing Skyrim with a friend. Because, I have friends.
/end comment

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You're kidding right? I agree that a lot of Chinese products are cheaply made but not everything is "garbage".

Every country has it's good and bad.

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If only you knew how many xbox accounts I could buy right now. Yes, I could probably buy yours and take your money off. Of course Microsoft would credit you back, but I could still do it.

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He's just trying to read into it more than he should be.

"There's a soldier in all of us", is just a speech to get you thinking something. In all honesty, I could probably see someone thinking, yeah, I can do it and going out and buying the game.

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