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I know for a 100% fact that sellers have many moles inside microsoft sucking up passwords and account details.

Why? Because I've talked to a seller here in China and they've said their account/password lists are limitless.

I've said my story before and had so many down votes but I'm seriously not joking.

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Ehhh, who are you to say how someone should use their own life? People prefer doing different things all the time than what you're accustomed to. I do agree that it is a game but I also disagree that it's JUST a game. You pay to do everything with your time, in the eyes of time everything is the same.

I mean, some people go out with friends and get drunk and party the night away and only remember half of what happened. Some others run raids and stay up late gaming...

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Everything in the AH was found by players and put up for auction.

The problem is..... there is no bind on equip/account items except the herding staff.

And those who argue "but bind on equip isn't for Diablo, never has and never should be". Didn't remember that Auction houses weren't for Diablo either. It was just introduced in the 3rd iteration.

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Let me know what parts in the game are not random compared to Diablo 1/2.

Because, I'm sure.... it's over 10% and that just shows you already that you're trying to go overboard and whine.

D1 and D2 didn't have random events that happened either.

In my opinion it has its ups and its downs. Yes, the always online smacked the face of almost every gamer.
Yes, the atmosphere was changed and lost some of the feeling but you...

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Unfortunately blitz, they paid for their candy.

And as for the hour and a half? I couldn't login for about 8 hours. I went to sleep because I couldn't work up and tried for another hour and a half about 6 hours later.

But, I will let it slide. I believe the game is still worth 60. Right now, I can play.

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Tell me about it. My friend bought TERA and wasn't aware that game time cards weren't ready yet. So that 30 free days he got for pre-ordering can't be used because you have to have a subscription setup in order to play. Even if it is *free*, you still need to have a subscription ready to start when the 30 days are up. Talk about stupidity.

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Well, I could see a controller being used for FPS and TPS. But to me, playing minecraft with a controller is kind of like playing an RTS. But I guess you don't need many buttons with minecraft.

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People never hooked up their computer to their big tv?

What a sad day.

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I completely agree. When it ended, I was totally stoked for the next installment. I was, yeah, badass. Kind of like Trunks when he went back in time and fought Goku then told him he will get sick.

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Kinect is not the "twilight of its years"

No one working on the movie twilight claimed it would be for the hardcore vampire audience did they?

But how many times did they say that kinect would be? It's a good thing I bought kinect for my girlfriend and not for me.

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I guess I should ask you the same question too.

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Curious to why you only submit and comment on Nintendo Enthusiast articles.

I mean, I find that shills usually comment with the first words "that was a good read".

So excuse me if I'm wrong that you're just trying to get hits.

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Actually, VGChartz even says it's an estimation and not official numbers. And years before, well.... I shouldn't need to talk about that.

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Sounds like Southpark as well.

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A guy named "poopinmymouth" is commenting and how family guys is a stupid show.

~Signed Captain Obvious

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I agree with you Thom but there is no way I would wanting to work on codename sparkleshine. But, that's just me hehehe.

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GraveLord is clearly a racist.

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I guess they don't understand that to read the article you would be giving a hit. There for adding to the hit whoring.

It could have just been a mistake since it was updated at the top but to me it does sound like they were just wanting you to click and get in.

@ -Alpha, you were smarter than this, you used to think it through. Now you're just spitting in people's faces.

We're used to having issues with journalists. I don&#...

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His muscles look tooooooo small.....

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Not sure if you're just joking or what.... but...

The story goes as follows.....

You've had something or someone or even your life taken away and you won't get it back.... but someone shows up by the name of calypso and he promises to give it all back to you.... all you have to do is win.

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